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Oppein Bathroom Expo’s Highlight Moment | Full Bathroom Customization 3.0 Leads The Whole Industry Chain Upgrade Of The Bathroom Industry

Ou Xiaowei Bathroom Business School

The 23rd China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair with the theme of “Multiple Channels, Top Flow Empowerment” was grandly opened on July 20. 2,000 enterprises in this fair focused on 16 major topics covering the whole industry chain of building decoration.

Oppein bathroom showed the brand highlight moment with the new “assault” series. They also invited industry experts and authoritative media to attend the “2021 full bathroom customization 3.0 Summit Forum” theme forum. They discuss the bathroom industry in the new era of consumer trends to upgrade the way to break the game.


The summit forum was successfully held

Full bathroom customization 3.0 leads the industry upgrade

This year’s industry theme forum on the full bathroom customization 3.0 launched an in-depth interpretation. They clarify the historic development opportunities that the whole industry chain of Chinese sanitary ware will be able to obtain.

Ten years to sharpen a sword. From 2012, Oppein first mentioned the concept of full bathroom customization. This opened up a new track for the industry. By 2018, Oppein sanitary ware was completely renovated and upgraded, bringing full bathroom customization 2.0. From 2019, full bathroom customization 2.0 was upgraded and cloud customization was launched. They open up the front end of sales and the back end of manufacturing. It realizes one-click quotation and one-click order. Then in March this year, Oppein released “Total Sanitary Customization 3.0”, a total solution for whole-house hygiene and health.

In exploring the development mode of sanitary ware, Oppein has always carried the flag of industry leader. It has led the industry all the way to complete the bathroom customization 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 of the whole installation strategy upgrade across.

The two main products of custom bathroom cabinets and custom shower rooms, together with the product matrix of the whole bathroom category line, make Oppein bathroom sit firmly at the top of the Chinese bathroom market. This is the inevitable result of Oppein’s ultimate practice of “user thinking”.

Oppein sanitary ware has always maintained a keen insight and rapid response to the changes in market consumer demand. The genetic shift of the current bathroom consumer demand is to break through the bathroom single space, from the whole house dimension to pursue the integration with other spaces in the home. This has fully activated the integration of Oppein bathroom innovation cells, and set a “full bathroom customization 3.0” industry new standard.

Its essence lies in the integration of the entrance, bathroom, balcony 3 spaces and 9 functional areas (wash area, convenience area, bathing area, beauty area, cleaning area, laundry area, drying area, entry cleaning area, entertainment and leisure area). It creates a whole house hygiene and health integrated custom solution, giving a new definition to the quality bathroom life standard.


Oppein bathroom set up a global strategic cooperation alliance

Top flow to empower the sanitary industry leapfrog transformation

The forum previewed the Oppein Sanitary Global Strategic Cooperation Alliance will be officially released at the 5th Sanitary Customization Festival in August.

The alliance is jointly established by Oppein Sanitary Ware, Rinnai, Whirlpool, Fillips, Doubletree, Bosch, Hansgrohe and other international big brands. It aims to provide consumers with integrated design, one-stop service and one-stop experience of customization services of Pinzhi bathroom.

This has a forward-looking value for the Chinese sanitary industry to quickly adapt to the current iterative changes in consumer demand. It brings a historic opportunity for the industry to optimize the combination of products and create changes in the sales model, realizing the leap of the industry from selling products to selling space to lifestyle providers.

Based on the cross-category resource integration of bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, toilets, hardware showers, related appliances, the full bathroom customization 3.0 of Oppein bathroom and brand alliance, together with the upstream and downstream industry chain help to reap the flow dividends of revenue upgrading.


Beauty red makeup

The aroma of Oppein bathroom new products “hit “.

In addition, another major attraction at this year’s Expo is the debut of Oppein sanitary ware “hit” series.

Through the Chinese elements in the collision of traditional and modern clever combination, “hit” series whipped up the fashion consumption to the natural return of traditional culture of the trend of the bathroom. It fully meets the needs of the consumer market aesthetic value upgrade.

In terms of practical functions, the “hit” series has also meticulously satisfied the beauty needs of modern women. Independent beauty table with functional mirror cabinet, it is multi-purpose.  Its dedicated beauty area provides 3 times mobile magnifying mirror, classification storage drawers, side cabinets, beauty refrigerator, etc. These build a flexible functional space with powerful storage features.


/ / /

As a product of consumer trend upgrade, the “full bathroom customization 3.0” of Oppein bathroom inherits the strong customization gene of Oppein whole house.  This has become an important part of Oppein’s whole house strategy.”Full bathroom customization 3.0″ is bound to trigger a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the bathroom industry across categories and platform development. This brings a new growth point of industry dividends.

Ten years of bathroom customization model exploration road, Oppein always shoulders the industry leader flag. We are waiting for the next wonderful decade of Oppein and the sanitary industry.



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