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Reject Moisture. The Focus Of Bathroom Cabinets Against Moisture

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If the bathroom cabinet is in the bathroom for a long time, it is easy to have various problems such as moisture. Among the most common moisture problems are mainly the following two.

  1. The cabinet door will occur moisture deformation and paint off the phenomenon.

Dampness focus: the external material moisture resistance.

In the long-term erosion of water vapor, some cabinet doors of the bathroom cabinet will be damp deformation. For example, the bathroom door does not close tightly, the paint is peeling. It is recommended that when buying and selling, choose the material with better moisture resistance. In addition, choose the surface being baked paint treatment of bathroom cabinets. Ensure that the sealing of the plate can make the moisture as little as possible direct contact with the plate.


  1. The storage items will appear damp and moldy phenomenon

Dampness focus: the internal drying treatment method.

After the bathroom items are damp, the light will have an unpleasant smell, and the heavy will appear moldy. It is recommended that in addition to the purchase of moisture-resistant performance of the bathroom cabinet, usually in the use of bathroom cabinets should avoid the spill of water in the bathroom cabinet storage. Place desiccant in the bathroom cabinet. This can simultaneously maintain the air circulation in the bathroom.


Three moves to solve the bathroom cabinet moisture problem

  1. The waterproof material is the first barrier to block water vapor.

Wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water easily deformed, so it has very demanding requirements for the surrounding environment. In the purchase of bathroom cabinets, you can use wear-resistant board. Polymer and other composite panels can be used as cabinet surface materials. They not only have good moisture resistance, but also can simulate the color of solid wood.

Advantages: rich materials, there is a greater choice of space.

Disadvantages: some materials can not be 100% moisture-proof.


  1. The metal high leg design rejects moisture upward extension

For bathroom cabinets, if the choice of wooden cabinet legs are susceptible to moisture. And will unknowingly, it will lead the moisture to the cabinet, which will eventually lead to deformation of the entire cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet uses metal as a leg material to support the cabinet, the problem is cleverly solved. In addition, the “bones” of the aluminum cabinet legs have the advantages of strong, good support and rust-proof.

Advantages: strong, durable.

Disadvantages: not convenient to take items.


  1. Waterproof aluminum foil is the natural enemy of condensation.

According to their usual bathing experience, we will find that the bathroom basin or faucet encounter heat will produce a lot of condensation. This water will flow along the countertop into the bottom of the cabinet, causing mold deformation of the cabinet. If you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pads to the bottom of the cabinet in time, you can solve this problem. By putting them on the bottom of the drawer, it can also fix the bath products while preventing moisture.

Advantages: Extend the life of the bottom plate.

Disadvantages: less aesthetic.


Separating wet and dry areas, you can do the following.

  1. Separate the shower area

The main source of moisture in the bathroom is water vapor from the shower, which can condense on the walls and furniture and shorten its life. The simplest two-style separation is to separate the shower area separately to keep water vapor from spreading. This can play a very good moisture-proof effect.


  1. External sink

Place the sink outside, directly separate from the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about fighting in the morning. This is moisture-proof and convenient.



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