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Shenzhen Seized 120 Pieces Of Export Goods Of Counterfeit ROCA Bathroom

Shenzhen Seized 120 Pieces Of Export Goods Of Counterfeit ROCA Bathroom

Recently, an export enterprise in Macheng, Hubei suspected of exporting counterfeit ROCA bathroom goods was seized by Wenjindu Customs in Shenzhen. In the past six months, Wenjindu Customs seized 3 cases involving counterfeit ROCA bathroom products, with a total of 243 pieces of infringing bathroom products and a total amount of over 85,000 RMB.

ROCA Bathroom

An Enterprise Was Fined For Exporting Counterfeit ROCA Bathroom Products

On January 27, Shenzhen Customs issued an administrative penalty decision on the export of sanitary ware infringing the trademark right of “ROCA and graphics” by Macheng Shengmaoyuan Trading Co. According to the decision, on December 15, 2021, Ma Cheng Sheng Mao Yuan Trade Co., Ltd. commissioned Shenzhen Zhengda Customs Brokerage Co to declare a batch of export goods to Wen Jin Du Customs in general trade, with customs declaration number: 532020210200236628. After inspection, Wen Jin Du Customs found that there were undeclared export goods marked with ” ROCA and graphics” trademark logo of 25 toilet bases, 25 water tanks, 70 toilet lids, worth RMB 6,000 yuan.

ROCA Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. considered that the above-mentioned goods infringed its exclusive right to use the trademark “ROCA and Graphics” (Customs Record No. T2019-77710), and applied to Wenjindu Customs for taking intellectual property protection measures.

After investigation, Wenjindu Customs concluded that MaCheng ShengMaoYuan Trade Co., Ltd. used other people’s exclusive right of the trademark on the above goods without the permission of the right holder. According to the provisions of Article 57(1) of the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, the export of the above-mentioned goods constituted an infringement of the exclusive right of others to register trademarks. According to Article 91 of the Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 25(1) of the Regulations on the Implementation of Administrative Punishment of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China, Wenjindu Customs decided to impose the following administrative penalty on the party: confiscate the above infringing goods and impose a fine of RMB 900 yuan.

ROCA Bathroom Was Infringed Several Times Within Six Months

This is not the only case of suspected export of counterfeit ROCA bathroom goods disclosed by Wenjindu Customs recently. According to the public information on the official website of Shenzhen Customs, in 2021, a total of 3 enterprises were punished for allegedly exporting sanitary ware infringing the trademark right of “ROCA and its graphics”, involving 3 exporters in Fuzhou, Nanjing and Nantong. A total of 243 pieces of infringing sanitary ware were seized, involving a total amount of more than 85,000 yuan.

Among them, there is a case of the highest amount involved in the export of sanitary ware infringing the trademark right of “ROCA and graphics” by Fuzhou Haoqing Trading Co. On August 23, 2021, Fuzhou Haoqing Trade Co., Ltd. declared a batch of export goods to Wenjindu Customs in general trade with the customs declaration number: 532020210200138954. After inspection, Wenjindu Customs found that the export goods included 60 toilet bases marked with “ROCA and graphics After inspection, it was found that there were 60 toilet bases, 75 water tanks and 75 toilet lids marked with “ROCA and graphics”. Finally, Wenjindu Customs confiscated the above infringing goods and imposed a fine of RMB 6,324 on the parties concerned.

Some Of The Health Enterprises Are At The Forefront Of Intellectual Property Protection In The Industry

In recent years, China has continued to increase the enforcement of intellectual property protection. According to the news of “Customs Release” on January 25, in 2021, 79,000 batches and 71.8 million pieces of suspected import and export infringing goods were seized. While cracking down on illegal acts of import and export infringing goods, the General Administration of Customs has instructed customs at all levels to continue to promote the “one enterprise, one policy” policy, further optimize services, and guide enterprises to actively apply to customs for intellectual property rights filing. In 2021, 17,667 new cases of IPR customs protection were filed, an increase of 17% year-on-year.

In addition to the national “heavy-handed”, with the rise of national products, the awareness of intellectual property protection of enterprises in various industries has continued to strengthen. Many sanitary ware enterprises carry out independent or with the relevant departments to “fight counterfeiting” work. Some enterprises have been recognized for their excellent performance in intellectual property rights. Recently, the Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association announced the “2021 Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Model Enterprise List”, of which HEGII, JIAJIA sanitary ware, TENNE sanitary ware and many other sanitary ware enterprises are on the list. And over the past few years, JOMOO, FAENZA, SSWW and other enterprises have also won the municipal, provincial and even national titles in intellectual property rights. It can be seen that some of the sanitary ware enterprises have been at the forefront of the workaround intellectual property management and protection in various industries.



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