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Smart Toilet All-In-One Sales Doubled 10 Times From 2017-2020, Unit Price Down 67%

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Smart toilet cover sales doubled in 2017-2020, and sales of smart toilet all-in-one machines doubled by 10 times. This is the data disclosed in the “2021 Smart Toilet Online Consumption Trend Report” released by Jingdong Big Data Research Institute in conjunction with Jingdong Home.

According to the report, in the past four years, the unit price of the smart toilet cover piece decreased by 35%, and the unit price of the smart toilet all-in-one machine piece decreased by 67%, showing a trend of year-on-year reduction. In addition to this time, the report also disclosed the changes presented by the Chinese smart bathroom market, worthy of the attention of enterprises.


The proportion of sales of all-in-one machines has exceeded 70%

The report shows that in 2017, the sales ratio of smart toilet cover and smart toilet all-in-one machine exceeded 6:4, and then the sales of smart toilet all-in-one machine grew year by year, and in 2020 the sales ratio has exceeded 70%, showing that consumers from the purchase of smart toilet cover to smart toilet all-in-one machine change.

Overall, more and more brands entered the smart toilet market during 2017-2020, and the sales of smart toilets grew at a high rate, and the piece unit price decreased year by year. From the data, the number of brands of smart toilets increased year by year in 2017-2020, and the growth rate of the number of brands was nearly 2 times by 2020. At the same time, the number of goods in the library also went up, compared with the growth rate of 2017 up to 2.5 times.



Young and middle-aged people are pioneers, and young and old people are catching up

 The report shows that people aged 36-45 are the pioneering force in purchasing smart toilets online, and are also the most stable group of people in terms of shopping price for many years. With the popularity of smart toilets year by year, the main group of people who buy smart toilets focus on the young and middle-aged group aged 26-35, while the proportion of people aged 16-25 and 56 years old and above also increases year by year. 36-45 years old people buy smart toilets in 2020, the average transaction price of the piece unit price is the highest in each age group, and the performance is stable for many years; while the piece unit price of consumers aged 56 years old and above decreases the most. They have a clear demand, but care more about the cost performance.

In terms of the shopping characteristics of men and women, male consumers have higher purchases than women, while the growth rate of female consumers’ purchases generally exceeds that of male consumers. Data shows that the growth rate of female consumers’ purchase volume in 2017-2020 is 246% higher than that of men, and they are more inclined to buy smart toilet integrated machine. At the same time, male consumers to buy the smart toilet piece unit price is higher than female consumers, and the gap is becoming more and more obvious, the gap between male and female piece unit price in 2020 reached 1.6 times.



Six-line market sales increased significantly, the popularity of intelligent toilets

The report shows that the growth rate of smart toilet sales in the six-tier market in 2017-2020 reached more than 10 times, while the average piece unit price of consumers in the six-tier market buying smart toilets is lower; the piece unit price of consumers in the second-tier and third-tier markets exceeds that of the first-tier market in 2020, perhaps because the bathroom space in the second-tier and third-tier markets is larger and needs to accommodate more textured smart toilets.

From 2017-2020 national provinces and cities smart toilet sales trend, 2017 Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other traditional online shopping provinces in the consumption of smart toilet is also leading the sales list, and with the nationalization of smart toilet popularity and the further expansion of the e-commerce market, Hebei, Anhui, Henan and other provinces and cities in the consumption of smart toilet high growth.



Experience comfort is most important

The “Beijing Insight” research data shows that 97.9% of the smart toilet consumers involved in the research will recommend others to buy, 75.3% of consumers because the toilet experience more comfortable, and choose to buy a smart toilet cover / smart toilet integrated machine, 72.9% of consumers concerned about the smart toilet seat heating function. 62.5% of consumers home toilet cover / intelligent toilet integrated machine for new installation. In addition, the C position of the bathroom companion or cell phone, 95.3% of consumers believe that “cell phone is one of the most likely items they use when using the toilet”.

In addition, the smart toilet associated with the purchase is mainly concentrated in the smart home consumption. The report shows that the associated purchase of smart rice cooker has increased by more than 20 times in four years. The associated purchases of health consumption-related categories are also growing year by year. 2020 compared with 2017, the associated consumption of traditional tonic categories increased by nearly 40 times. In addition, the growth rate of consumption amount of health care equipment and nutrition and health products is also more than 30 times.



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