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The flush toilet purchasing tips

The flush closestool should be one of the necessary products for the decoration of most home toilets. Regarding the choice of the toilet, viga will give you a few reminders to avoid choosing the wrong one. It is enough to clarify the following questions repeatedly.
Smart toilet or ordinary toilet
With the improvement of economic conditions, smart toilets are becoming more and more popular. At that time, it was once popular to travel to Japan to carry back smart toilet lids. Of course, they are now available everywhere in China.
There are two main types of smart toilets, one is one-piece, with better integrity, and the other is a common toilet + smart toilet lid. As far as the function is concerned, basically the core is the same. Generally, the functions of heating, deodorizing and washing PP are used, but there are relatively many integrated functions, and the experience is more user-friendly. Secondly, in terms of product matching and service life, the integrated smart toilet is also more recommended.
Regardless of whether or not you choose a smart toilet, when decorating for hydropower, it is recommended to leave a socket next to the toilet. In case you want to use it later, you can replace the toilet or toilet lid at any time.
Wall-mounted toilet or ordinary toilet
The advantages of the wall-mounted toilet are also obvious:
1. It is easy to clean and there is no dead corner on the ground;
2. The water tank is hidden in the wall, and the flushing noise is small;
3. Drain on the same floor. If the toilet is displaced, there is no need to raise the ground.
In addition to being good-looking, Viga believes that the biggest advantage is that it can be used for displacement. Many architects of this year have no experience at all, and the houses that are built come in all kinds of wonderful houses. The inconvenient position of the toilet is everywhere. However, if the toilet is shifted, the distance that can be moved is limited, and Worried about the clogging problem, and the wall-mounted toilet can solve the problem of displacement.
The size of the pit distance should be accurate
The so-called pit distance refers to the vertical distance from the toilet outlet to the wall. To be more specific, the vertical center of the toilet’s sewage outlet is close to the wall, and the thickness of the wall tiles must also be considered when measuring. In general, the thickness of the wall tiles is about 6-8mm, after the tiling is completed, the overall is about 10-20mm.
Do you think this kind of professional stuff will not remind you of decoration companies, workers and sellers? It’s really hard to say, it’s true that you pay more attention to the decoration and minor matters. If you find that your toilet is still some distance away from the wall after installing it, this is because the distance between the toilet and the pit is too small.
If you have not installed it and found that the pit distance is wrong, buy it decisively; if it is installed, you can only find it if the pit distance is small. Putting a rack behind the toilet to cover it is also a very smart way.
How about the quality?
Glazed surface: Judging from the glazed surface inside the toilet, if the quality of the toilet is very good, then the surface must be smooth and the color is relatively smooth.
In addition, you can touch the inner wall of the toilet’s sewage outlet with your hand to see if it is rough. The rougher it is, the worse the quality is, and it is easy to damage under long-term use.
Accessories: The service life of the toilet has a great relationship with its water parts, so it should not be ignored. The quality of the toilet water can be judged by the button at the water tank. When you press the button, look at the sound. If it is crisp, it means that there is no problem.
Flushing method: If you want to consider the usability of the toilet, you also need to look at the flushing method. In the current market, there are many ways to flush toilets, and the effects brought by each are also different, so you need to choose according to your actual situation.
Styling: In addition to good looks and bad looks, I think the main thing that affects the use is the degree of integration. Good integration is easier to clean.



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