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Unique concept faucet with a variety of patterns

Washing your face and vegetables every day, the water flowing out of the faucet is not simple and unchanging, a concept faucet can bring you a different experience, because the water flowing out of this faucet is patterned, and is able to change with your adjustment!  This is designed by designer Simin Qiu, the exterior of the faucet looks no different from a regular faucet, but the internal structure is very complex, with a lot of turbine design, so that the outflow of water into a variety of water patterns. The faucet is equipped with a corresponding button, which can be pressed to change the water flow by switching the internal turbine. The design is not only flashy, it can save 15% of water under the same pressure at the same time, and the water flow will not be as strong as the regular faucet water, the water is very soft, giving the actual experience is quite gentle and comfortable.   The faucet uses an extended metal rotor to rotate the water, creating a crystal-like splash. The curved mesh cartridge of different sizes can make the water flow softer and softer, creating a different romantic water mist feeling through the rotor.  Although these are only conceptual products, we still see endless possibilities in them.