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The World’s First Online Canton Fair In 2020

The State Council executive meeting held on April 7 decided that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in mid to late June. For the first time, it was held entirely on the Internet, enabling Chinese and foreign businessmen to place orders and do business without leaving their homes.

At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is spreading around the world, and the situation is grim. The meeting decided to invite merchants from home and abroad to display products online, use advanced information technology, provide all-weather online promotion, supply and sourcing docking, online negotiation and other services, to create an online foreign trade platform for high-quality specialty products.

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For the first time, it will be held entirely on the Internet

As the oldest trade event in China, the Canton Fair has been held for 126 sessions so far, for 63 years. The Canton Fair is a unique window to showcase China’s economic development and an important platform for China to share development opportunities with the world. The 63 years of the Canton Fair recorded the progress of China’s foreign trade and witnessed the historical progress of China’s globalization.

In the past 63 years, there has been no interruption in the spring and autumn and two grand events. Even with the SARS epidemic in 2013, the Canton Fair was held as scheduled.

In 2003, the turnover of the Spring Fair at the Canton Fair was only US$4.42 billion. The organizer tried the “Canton Fair Online”, and the effect was good. In the same year, the “Canton Fair Online” reached an intention to trade 290 million US dollars and confirmed a transaction of 76.64 million US dollars, which provided a strong supplement to the offline exhibition. , Has also become a new way of thinking for the convention and exhibition industry to deal with the crisis.

This year’s new crown epidemic is far worse than the 2003 SARS outbreak. The strict control of entry and exit of various countries, the suspension of most international flights, and a large number of buyers participating in the exhibition are already impossible in the short term.

Therefore, it created the first Canton Fair held in a completely online format in history.

A timely move to balance epidemic prevention and economic development

It is the best choice under realistic conditions to organize entirely on the Internet. But it is also a compromise.

First of all, the time cannot be delayed too much. Compared with some annual exhibitions, the density of the Canton Fair is higher once every six months. If the offline exhibition is postponed, it is very likely to conflict with the Autumn Fair.

Secondly, the cancellation of the exhibition will cost a lot. The preparation of the Canton Fair is a long-term work, with the invitation of buyers in the early stage, the registration of suppliers, and the collection and sorting of various data. If it is completely cancelled, the initial investment will fall into the sea. Although the online Canton Fair cannot reach the scale of offline exhibitions, it is also a good stop loss behavior to properly connect part of the supply and demand relationship.

Some articles say that online exhibitions lead a major transformation and can play a huge role. Or it will become a landmark event in the “Internet + Exhibition” trend.

From a simple offline exhibition to an inflection point where offline exhibitions and online platforms coexist, 2003 has already been. And it will be a relatively long-term stage. The “Online Canton Fair” in 2003 did not see a big improvement, and the radio and television business platforms in 2012 did not take off. The “Online Canton Fair” in 2020 will only be a flash in the pan. It is difficult for broadcasting and e-commerce platforms to surpass Alibaba or Made-in-China.com in the field of e-commerce.

The past and present of the e-commerce platform of the Canton Fair

The Canton Fair e-commerce platform takes “building China’s largest e-commerce platform and serving Chinese commerce” as its mission, and strives to be based on the Canton Fair and promote the development of China’s trade through the development of Canton Fair e-commerce , And finally reached the development vision of establishing a national-level credible e-commerce brand. In order to cooperate with the Canton Fair to enter a broader field, more potential, and faster development of strategic transformation.

The radio and television business platform is the only official e-commerce platform of the Canton Fair. The biggest selling point of the radio and e-commerce platform is that it can share the same data and resources with the Canton Fair. Sharing, relying on the brand resources of the Canton Fair, the resources of more than one million real-name buyers, venue resources, overseas promotion resources, etc.

The predecessor of the radio and television business platform can be traced back to the “Online Canton Fair” in 2003. At that time, it was used as a secondary channel on the official website of the Canton Fair, and no independent domain name was activated.

Carton Fiar in 2003

2003 is indeed the year of recovery for China’s e-commerce. Due to the impact of the SARS epidemic, the number of users of major B2B and B2C websites has increased dramatically. It was also in 2013 that Taobao, as everyone knows it, was born. In response to the sharp drop in the number of exhibitors caused by the epidemic, the Canton Fair launched the “Online Canton Fair”, which extended the timeline of the exhibition and enlarged the negotiation space, and made an important supplement to the offline transaction volume.

After the global financial crisis in 2008, the number of exhibitors declined, and the Canton Fair began to plan to build a new e-commerce platform. In 2012, the Canton Fair launched a new e-commerce platform. After that, every two years, radio and television companies have launched some new functional applications. However, according to some foreign trade friends around the trade box, the recognition and utilization rate of these functions are not very high.

The future development of the Canton Fair e-commerce platform

From the only import and export channel to one of today’s diversified channels, the Canton Fair is naturally unable to maintain its absolute strong position in the past. However, in the next ten to twenty years, the Canton Fair will still play a pivotal role in China’s foreign trade field.

I believe that with the strong resources promotion of the Canton Fair, there will be a good turnover during the “Canton Fair Online”. But in the long run, the e-commerce platform of the Canton Fair should still be used as an important support for offline exhibitions. Through big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things technology to transform offline exhibitions, create a “smart Canton Fair”.

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