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Tiling Only Half The Bathroom Is Both Fun And Money-Saving!

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In addition to tiling the bathroom walls, you can also tile only half of them. This is fun and saves money. This is also a cost-effective wall decoration.

If you want to try this paste method, have to pay attention to.

  1. Different tiling method for dry and wet areas. The dry area is generally tiled to about 1.3 meters. The shower area is generally at least 2 meters. You can also spell out different shapes, like the homeowners in Figure 14 and 15.
  2. Generally, for this type of tiling method, you will put the tiles used for edging at the edge. Use it as a separation from the wall, but not every tile has a matching hemming tile. In the selection of bricks, need to pay attention to this point.
  3. Common wall treatment methods are diatomaceous earth and bathroom paint. Bathroom paint + half wall tile is cheaper compared to laying full tile. Diatomaceous earth is about the same as the cost of laying full tiles.
  4. If there is no window in the bathroom, it is difficult to disperse the moisture. It is not recommended to use this method of paste.


Dry area with half tile

Cement countertop is matched with a marbled half-face tile. This provides a good look of the three layers of countertop, brick and wall. If the brick plastered the whole wall, may not have this effect. This uneven shape of the mosaic tile, without closing the edge effect is very good.

Paste half of the I-brick, painting waterproof coating on top. This is really a great choice to save money and high value.

Half paint half tile is a lot better than the full tile. You do not need to worry about waterproofing. Waterproof latex paint is very reliable.

Underneath, 1.2 meters of tiles were applied, and the walls were made of a material similar to diatomaceous earth.

The white space is not too confined.

The bricks around the bathtub.

If only half of the tiles are paved, half of the effort is saved when cleaning up the joints.

If you are worried about the dark tile is too depressing, only half of the pavement is also a good choice.

Waterproof bathroom paint is also available in a variety of colors.


Can give the shower area “special care”

The shower area is recommended to lay more than two meters of wall tiles, or the shower part or the whole wall tiles.

Use patterned tiles for the lower part of the bathroom. The upper part is treated with quartz wall cloth + waterproof paint. This overall sense of hierarchy is very adequate.

The shower area is paved with a separate tile of the same height as the glass partition.

Or just pave the shower area with wall tiles. The dry area still retains half wall tiles.

Separate the wet and dry areas, and use the same set of color tiles.


More interesting combination of half wall and half tile

You can also spell out irregular sides.

Only the shower area part, is commonly known as the shower area backdrop. Using this kind of hexagonal tiles really save money and look good.



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