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VIGA takes you know cleaning precautions about shower head.

The shower head  is a common bathing tool in our life, and it is convenient and comfortable to bathe with it. However, after a long period of use, the shower will inevitably become blocked, thinking that the shower head is broken. In fact, this is not the case. We can clean the shower head and continue to use it. So how should the shower be cleaned? Let’s take a look at the shower cleaning method and shower cleaning precautions together with me.

Shower head cleaning method

Manual cleaning: Remove the net cover or other parts that absorb scale from the shower head, clean it with a brush and then return it to its original position. Some brands of showers are equipped with a special shower head opening tool for consumer convenience.

Hand wipe cleaning: The water outlet of this type of shower is designed with rubber particles. The rubber material is soft and comfortable to touch, and it is not easy to scale. It is easy to clean. It can be easily smashed and popped out by simply rubbing the rubber particles with your fingers. . This type of cleaning makes good use of the properties of the material and is a popular cleaning method on the market today.

Automatic cleaning: Due to the special structure of a certain type of shower, the scale will be automatically cleaned out during use. For example, some shower heads have a cleaning needle inside. When the water is converted, the cleaning needle will automatically pop out to bring out the scale.

Need to be reminded that even if your shower has an automatic cleaning function, it is best to open the shower head after a long time of use, for a thorough manual cleaning, to give your shower the most meticulous care.

Shower shower cleaning precautions

1. When installing, please have experienced professionals to carry out construction and installation. The shower should try not to bump with hard objects. Do not leave cement or glue on the surface to avoid damage to the surface coating. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of debris in the pipeline and install the faucet.

2, the metal hose of the bath shower head should be kept in a natural stretch state, no matter which brand of shower is good, do not coil it on the faucet. At the same time, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.

3. When the water pressure is not less than 0.02mPa (ie 0.2kgf/cm3), that is, there is no change in the normal water pressure. After using for a period of time, the amount of water in the shower is reduced, and even the water heater is turned off. In the phenomenon, you can gently unscrew the screen cover at the water outlet of the shower to remove the dirt, and generally it can be restored to normal.

4, switch the shower faucet should not use too much force, gently turn around. Even a traditional faucet does not require a lot of effort to screw it. In particular, do not use the handle as a handrail to support or use it.

The above is the knowledge about the shower cleaning method and the shower cleaning precautions, I hope to help everyone.