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VIGA takes you through the precautions for installing the basin mixer.

Sanitary ware has a long service life, and it is used in daily use, and the loss is relatively large. Therefore, when purchasing sanitary ware, not only quality but also installation requirements are

high. Installation and construction of sanitary ware requires that sanitary ware should be opened in time to check whether it is intact. Whether the brand and specification models meet the contract

configuration requirements. The basic requirements for the installation of sanitary ware are: “flat, stable, firm and accurate”. The use condition is good. It should be handled lightly, prevent damage

and prohibit strong installation. The following VIGA takes you to see the sanitary ware installation precautions.

Basin installation process requirements:

1. The installation height of the basin is 800mm from the mouth to the floor. The floor of the water screen and the bottom of the basin must be equipped with rubber gaskets and a small amount of

white paint on the contact surface.

2. The floor inlet hose of the cabinet-type basin must be 100mm higher than the floor of the cabinet, which is convenient for the connection and sealing of the inlet hose. The pipe must be

connected by a hose. The corresponding trap must be installed.

3. The joint between the basin and the faucet must be equipped with a flat rubber washer to prevent the water on the basin from penetrating into the lower part. The faucet must be fastened and

not loose. Apply a layer of silica gel to the contact surface between the basin and the countertop to prevent leakage. 4. The basin drain cover must be flexible and effective in the up and down

movement of the drawbar, and the joint connection of the drawbar to the downpipe must be sealed without leakage. The distance between the inlet and outlet pipes (cold and hot) of the basin is

150mm, left hot and right cold.