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VIGA teaches you how to better protect your shower head.

In today’s era, the sudden flow of water after the shower is turned off is a problem that most consumers will encounter. Sometimes it is suddenly turned off after a period of time, and each time is very short. In this case, most customers first attribute the cause to the quality of the shower, or the defects of the manufacturer’s production process, without knowing the reason. Such misunderstandings have become the most troublesome thing for manufacturers and distributors. So, today we will take a look at it. “After the shower is turned off, it suddenly flows. Is it a quality problem?”
Regarding this issue, I always suspected that it was a shower quality problem. In order to figure out this problem, I also specially bought a brand-name faucet to do the experiment, but this kind of situation will still occur. Later, I consulted a professional to understand that the water was sprayed after the shower was shut because of the water in the top spray and the shower tube.
Expert introduction: In order to pursue the comfort of the bath, the current top spray of the shower is quite large, the larger it means that the more water is stored inside the faucet. After use, the air pressure and atmospheric pressure inside the shower are in balance, so the water inside will not flow out for a while, and will flow out after losing the balance water for a while. This is a problem with large top spray showers. It is not that the shower leaks or is broken, so you can rest assured that you encounter this problem. If it is a continuous dripping water leak, that is the quality problem. What should I do if the shower really leaks?
First analyze the factors of shower leakage, mainly the following:
First, the shower is blocked
The bathing nozzle takes a long time, and the amount of water will become smaller. This is because the water quality is not good, the water contains a lot of alkali, and the scale deposits in the water outlet hole, causing the shower to block. At this time, it depends on the sale of the shower. . Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable business.

Second, the shower plating
Many people find that the shower will drop paint and it will be difficult to see after falling off the paint. If you just bought a shower, this problem will affect the appearance. And some poor quality showers can also be blocked by falling paint. So we have to take a closer look at whether the optional shower surface has these problems.
When you buy a shower, you must carefully observe whether the shower surface is smooth or not. If it is rough, it may be secondary.

Third, the shower material problem
Some showers are made of plastic or cast iron. Plastic showers may contain a lot of waste and will not last long. Of course, some hand-held showers use plexiglass ABS and other materials are still very good. However, it is not recommended that you choose a shower made of cast iron, which is easy to rust. Many people who chose this kind of shower were very sorry, because it didn’t take long to rust. It was ugly, and they blocked the water outlet and broke the whole shower. The current better material is a pure copper shower.

How to judge whether the shower head is leaking?
1. Hold the spout of the shower head with your palm and use your mouth to align with the water inlet to check for water leakage. If there is a leaking shower head, it will leak.
2, in the case of the shower head through the water, when the water is slightly side down, it is easy to see whether the shower head is leaking.
3, multi-function shower head is the most easy to leak in the case of dual function, some shower heads only leak in a pattern, but it is difficult to ensure that it will not leak under dual function.
How to solve the leaking shower head?

1. Leakage of the shower head to the ball
First, unscrew the shower head from the steering ball ring, find the O-ring inside or a similar seal and replace it, then turn the shower head back into place.
Second, the shower head handle joint leakage
Select the appropriate shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, and replace it with the rubber ring and reinstall it.
3. Water leakage caused by gravel or sediment
Open the shower head and clean it. If necessary, soak the parts with vinegar and scrub the parts. Be careful to avoid scratching them. If the shower head is adjustable spray, carefully inspect all movable parts to see if there are excessive signs of wear. If the rotary handle does not move smoothly, or if the internal cam is broken, the entire shower head needs to be replaced.

Fourth, the shower head fine water becomes thick and thin mixed
Bathing showers take a long time, and the amount of water will become smaller. This is because the water quality is not good, the water contains a lot of alkali, and the scale deposits in the water outlet hole, causing the shower to block. It is also very simple to solve. For a shower with silicone particles, knead gently. If the scale is serious, use a plastic bag to hold the white vinegar, wrap the shower for a while and then rinse with water.

The shower is blocked, and the solution is:
After a long period of use of the shower head, it will be blocked. This is natural. It does not mean that the shower head is broken. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy new ones. This is because of the scale caused by long-term water release. You only need to disassemble and clean the shower head.
1. When water is released for a long time, some granular objects in the water inlet pipe or tap water are difficult to come out from the water outlet hole, it is easy to block the water outlet hole, remove the shower nozzle, and gently shake the water inlet downwards. The debris inside. Pay attention to the accessories when removing the nozzle.
2, choose a container that can put down the nozzle, pour white vinegar, toilet spirit or special scale detergent such as weak acid, put the end of the nozzle water into the bubble for a period of 1 hour is appropriate), after using small Brush or brush with a clean brush and rinse with water.
3. After rinsing with water, wipe the scale around the water hole and the surface with a rag to meet the “stubborn” deposits. Do not use the needle, scrape it with your nails until it falls off, and then clean it with a rag. Shower hose leaking
In addition to the shower head, in the process of using the shower, the shower hose is also very susceptible to damage due to frequent pulling, and there is a problem such as water leakage.

Shower hose leakage reasons and maintenance methods:
1. Possible causes: Improper installation, deformation of the rubber ring, uneven or too thin outlet pipe joint, hose and shower do not match.
Maintenance method: Select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, replace the rubber ring, and reinstall.
2. Possible cause: The hose is broken.
Repair method: It is ok to replace a new hose. First replace the old hose and screw the shower hose from the shower and the faucet. Then replace it with a new shower hose, screw it on the other end of the shower head and screw it on the tap.
3, possible causes: improper adjustment, foreign matter and scale.
Maintenance method: Turn the shower head to adjust it. If it still doesn’t work, open a small round cap in the middle of the shower head with a small flat-blade screwdriver, use a Phillips screwdriver to screw down the screw, open the shower, rinse with a water brush, brush the shower hole, and then install the restore.

Finally, in order to completely eliminate the problem of shower leaks, you need to buy a product with guaranteed quality, pay attention to maintenance, and replace it when the service life is reached. Every step must be followed up.
Shower maintenance method
1, the use of ambient temperature can not exceed 70 degrees Celsius, high temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower, shorten the life of the shower, so the installation of the shower as far as possible away from the electric heat source such as Yuba. The shower can not be installed directly under the Yuba, and the distance should be above 60CM.
2. In areas with hard water quality, please choose a shower with glue particles or a straight cleaning device. Even if the shower hole is blocked by scale, it is easier to clean. Remember not to forcibly disassemble the shower. Due to the complicated internal structure of the shower, unprofessional forced disassembly will result in the shower not being restored.
3. Do not use excessive force when switching the shower faucet and adjusting the shower water outlet mode. Even traditional faucets don’t require much effort. Pay special attention not to support or use the faucet handle and shower bracket as armrests.
4. The metal hose of the shower head should be kept in a natural stretch state. Do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. At the same time, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the faucet to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.
5. Every six months or less, the shower should be removed and placed in a small basin. The surface and interior of the shower should be watered with white vinegar and soaked for 4-6 hours. Then gently wipe the surface of the shower with a cotton rag. Mouth: After refilling the joint, pass the water for a while, wait for the white vinegar and scale to flow out with the water to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale on the shower, and can bring a certain bactericidal effect.

Shower cleaning tips
1. Wall-mounted shower heads are generally more prominent, so be careful not to bump or press on them when you put them. Avoid contact with hard objects such as rings as much as possible to avoid fatal injuries.
2, the ideal cleaning technique is to rinse the faucet with water, and then use soft cotton cloth to dry all the moisture on the metal surface of the faucet, because the water will volatilize on the metal surface. Wipe gently and do not rub hard. Dry with a damp sponge and soft leather to make the faucet shine.
3. If you need to do a lot of cleaning work, it is best to use a mild liquid glass cleaner, or an acid-free, non-abrasive soft liquid and a completely dissolved powder. The non-friction solution polish removes the thick mask on the faucet and Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth, or any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners. After cleaning, remove all lotion with water and wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth.

The shower suddenly turns off and the water suddenly flows, not a quality problem! At this time, the salesperson of the bathroom store needs patience to help the customer find the real problem, and teach the customer how to maintain and solve the problem during the use. VIGA has always been “customer first, quality first” as its top priority, VIGA is really a reliable old brand.