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VIGA teaches you how to change the faucet.

The faucet is switched on and off many times a day. It is easy to use old and damaged. It needs to be replaced with new ones. It can not change the daily use, but how to change the faucet? When buying the faucet, in order to guarantee the purchase Good product quality can be used for a long time, need to buy a suitable brand, what are the better brands of faucets?

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First, how to change the faucet?

1. First of all, the water valve at home should be turned off. It is very difficult to replace the faucet.

2. Open the faucet to open the water and pressure in the release tube (some tubes may have more water, so as not to spray us when we remove it).

3, use a wrench to turn the faucet upside down, try to slow down, and the waterproof faucet will be in trouble for a long time.

4, the faucet that needs to be changed is wrapped in the raw material belt for about 15 circles, not too much but not too little, according to the actual situation, it is best to choose natural.

5, the alignment wire is tightened, pay attention to when it is a little hard to screw it, do not screw it, for the next good disassembly!

6, open the total water valve is ok, if you look at the joint leaking water can be screwed in a circle, or remove the raw material belt!

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Second, what are the better brands of faucets?

1. Moen, Moen was founded in 1937. The company mainly produces high-grade faucets, bathroom hardware accessories, etc., and its product range is very diverse, and the styles are also diverse. At the same time, its products are suitable for different people’s needs and can guarantee quality.

2, Wrigley, Wrigley was established in 1994, the company mainly produces stainless steel basins, all-copper chrome-plated faucets, etc. Secondly, its quality has been certified by many institutions, is a brand that consumers can trust.

3, VIGA, VIGA was located in Guangdong in 2008, the business scope includes production and sales: sanitary ware, plumbing fittings, hardware products, plastic products; import and export of goods, technology import and export, its product sales in the market is relatively high.

4, Jiu Mu, Jiu Mu was built in 1990, the brand has a high reputation in the market. Secondly, the product is made of environmentally friendly materials and is trusted by consumers in terms of quality. At the same time, after more than ten years of continuous efforts, it has won many awards.

5, Kabe, Kabe was built in 2008, the company focuses on the production of space aluminum sanitary ware design, research and development, sales, etc., while the quality requirements are very demanding. Moreover, the most environmentally-friendly and high-quality materials are used, and the faucet is not prone to rust.

6. Prometheus is located in Guangdong in 1998. Its company specializes in the production of faucets, showers and other products. Since its establishment, the company has been striving to create individual and practical products, and the products are highly praised by consumers.

7. Bekae, Bekay was established in Zhejiang in 1989. The company’s products are fully automatic production from design to packaging, and the level of faucet production is based on the highest quality requirements, and the price is also very good.

8. Assas, Assas was founded in 1873. The company has a long history and has always insisted on producing the best quality products, and the sales volume is relatively high.

9. Kohler, Kohler was founded in 1873 and currently produces power generation systems, kitchen and bathroom products. The company has always adhered to the principle of quality first, while also adopting the most advanced technology, is a brand that consumers trust.