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VIGA teaches you how to choose a pull-out basin faucet online.

The biggest advantage of buying faucets online is that you will learn a lot of faucet features you don’t know. In the past, the function of the faucet was generally only the function of hot and cold water control, but now, there is also a pull function, a bubble water function, a sensor function, and so on. Therefore, when choosing a faucet, you can choose the function of the faucet according to the needs of the family.

VIGA pull-out basin faucet has four functions: hot and cold water control, pull-out design, bubbling water and shower water.

Draw-out function: The faucet of the VIGA pull-out basin faucet can be arbitrarily drawn to a length of about 60cm ~ 70cm, and there is no problem in 360 ° rotation. The main body of the faucet can also be rotated by 180 °, which expands the range of water, which is convenient for washing and self-cleaning faucets and cleaning dead corners of the basin. Frequent self-cleaning faucets can reduce the bacteria attached to the surface of the faucet ~

Small pull design also hides several small functions. Rotate the water nozzle upside down and directly open the water to brush your teeth and wash your face. A gravity hammer design is added in the middle of the drawing hose, and the faucet can automatically return to its position after use, completely freeing hands.

Two kinds of water outlet methods: VIGA pull-out basin faucet is designed with different switching buttons on the top of the faucet according to different usage needs, and it can control two water outlet modes: bubbler outlet mode and pressurized shower outlet mode. The water from the bubbler is even and soft, and the splash is not reflected or scattered. It is suitable for washing your face or brushing your teeth. The shower has a high outlet pressure and can be quickly rinsed, which is suitable for cleaning dead-end countertops.

When you choose a faucet online, we can see a lot of functions that we have never known before. Choose your favorite function. Compared to buying in a physical store, you can choose more styles and the price is intuitive. Of course, there are a lot of disadvantages when buying a faucet online. We cannot personally understand the quality of the faucet for purchase. VIGA Sanitary Ware recommends you to be careful when choosing faucets online. According to the above selection, Xiaobai can also buy the right faucet!