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VIGA teaches you some tips on how to unchoke the SS304 floor drainer

SUS304 floor drainer is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of the indoor air, and it is very important to control the odor of the bathroom. But when the ground drain is blocked, many people do not know enough how to clear it. Let’s take a look at how to deal with it.

1. Clean up with a solution of baking soda mixed with vinegar
The stainless stain 304 floor drainer is blocked many times because there are too many stains in the sewer. In this case, it is very convenient and effective to use this method. The specific operation method is as follows: First, we should mix the baking soda and some white vinegar in a certain proportion. Then, a sufficient amount of the mixed solution is poured into the sewer. Wait ten minutes. Let this solution undergo some chemical reaction in the sewer line. After a while, do this again. After two or three repetitions, it achieved very good results.

2. Clean up with a solution of washing powder mixed wit vinegar
It may be that many people do not have baking soda in their homes, so they can be replaced with washing powder. Because washing powder is more common, and also has good decontamination ability. However, the mixing process of this solution is somewhat different. The first is to prepare a large basin, then pour 200 ml of hot water into it, then put the washing powder into hot water for a melting treatment, and then pour the appropriate amount of white vinegar.

3. Using a homemade straw tool for processing
If some families don’t like to use a mixed solution, or if some of the hair or other debris in the SS304 floor drainer blocks the sewer. Then, you can find a straw and try to choose a longer one. Then cut out the edge of the straw to resemble a fishbone-like barb. After cutting it, put it into the sewer pipe and pick it up and down in the order of the top and bottom, so that the debris can be taken out.

4. Purchasing a spiral wire
If the SS304 floor drainer of the family’s bathroom is blocked, the big reason is basically from the hair or some small debris. To solve such a blockage, it is generally necessary to take out hair and debris. First we need to open the lid of the sewer door of the bathroom room and then clear it from the floor drain. You can buy a spiral wire and then shake it from the floor drain to push it into the sewer. Then, when you feel that there is a foreign object, pull the spiral wire up while shaking. In the process, foreign matter such as hair will be pulled up.

5. The SUS304 floor drainer is blocked by many stains
If the floor strainer is blocked, there is another situation that is blocked by some stains after bathing. In the case of this, we can buy some caustic soda. This kind of operation is relatively simple. Put the caustic soda directly into the mouth of the sewer pipe, then pour a pot of boiling water to pour it down. After a while, we should check the situation. Under normal circumstances, the floor drain of the shower room will be solved to block this problem. Of course, for the same reason, if you are in peacetime, you should regularly clean the sewers in the shower room. You can buy some special pipe dredging agent, its ingredients will really have a good dissolution of oil and hair. If the cleaning is carried out regularly, the floor drain of the shower room will not appear again under normal circumstances.