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VIGA teaches you the details of 20 bathroom decorations

Bathroom decoration is a headache for many owners. If the bathroom is not well decorated, it is not only uncomfortable to wash, but it is also possible to flood the house. Whether in the design or decoration process, the bathroom should not only pay attention to the aesthetic problems, but also consider the practicality and space utilization.

Today, VIGA will tell you about the 20 details that can’t be problematic in the bathroom decoration. Each one is crucial, and the friends must remember it.

1. Remembering to tighten the inspection port of the water pipe, but don’t seal it, or if there is a problem with the waterway, it is very troublesome to repair the wall.

2. Keeping the distance between the shower column set and the closestool, do not face it when installing, so that the closestool and toilet paper will not be wet when showering. It is best to do dry and wet separation to separate the toilet.

3.The wash basin is best to buy a little deeper. So when washing your face, the water is not easy to splash and it is also comfortable. The above counter basin is easy to splash water.

4, If the bathroom area is small, there is no place to do storage. then you can consider doing a niche on the wall to do such in-line storage, good-looking and save space.

5. The concealment of bathroom is very important of course, but it also need ventilated breathe freely to ensure safety. So you can install a blind, and you can do both.

6. Leave a distance between the bathroom floor and the door. Otherwise, the door will be eroded by the tide.

7. The bathroom mirror is recommended to install anti-fog mirror, especially for the southern region.

8.Doing the bathroom dry and wet separation or need to install a glass shower room in the bathroom. If the bathroom space is small, you can use the shower curtain + water barrier combination, the effect is not bad.

9. The bathroom accessory and sanitary ware must buy good quality. Don’t be cheap and save money, because it will cost more and more to replace it later.

10. The floor of the bathroom should maintain a certain slope and the floor drain should be at the lowest point, so that the water flow can be more smooth.

11. The SS304 floor drainer should choose the deodorant type and the sewer pipe should also be installed with the trap, so that the bathroom won’t return flavour.

12. Remembering to leave the socket next to the toilet to prevent the smart toilet from being changed later. The splash guard should be installed on the socket, which makes the use of electronic products safer.

13. The towel rack should not buy a double layer. The layer of the wall is not used at all,  so a single layer is enough to use.

14. Black and white pattern of tiles is easy to appear dirty, leaving traces. In fact, the choice of light-colored tiles with good anti-slip performance is the most practical, and it seems to have more space.

15. If the bathroom is small, it is recommended to open the door outwards, so that there will be no opening of the door, and the place behind the door is wasted.

16. Remembering to buy a toilet before you want to measure the pit distance! Reduce the troubles caused by return and exchange.

17. The fan-shaped shower room is more practical than any diamond type and corner type, and the available area is larger.

18. The bathroom equipped with anti-fog lamps is more durable, good sealing, not easy to get wet, longer service life.

19. After the toilet is installed, do not use it immediately. The glass glue on the top is not dry yet, which will affect the stability of the toilet.

20. The most important point, do not install the bathtub! I don’t have to use it several times a year. For office workers, I just want to go to bed and sleep in the evening. The bathtub not only occupies the place, but also needs regular cleaning.