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VIGA takes you to the comfort of a thermostatic shower.

Bathing has different meanings in ancient and modern times. In ancient times, people’s mastery of natural resources was limited, and the significance of ritual and teaching. Bathing was mostly the activities of the royal aristocracy. It is not common for ordinary people to take a bath. In the Song and Yuan Dynasties, with the prosperity of the commercial economy, bathing gradually became popular among the people.
Today, bathing is an indispensable part of everyday life for modern people. The significance of bathing in modern people is not only to protect personal hygiene, but also in the context of consumption upgrading, the comfort of bathing is also related to people’s quality of life. As the pioneer of the national sanitary ware, the improvement of people’s sanitary life quality is the pursuit of VIGA sanitary ware. The bathing quality of modern life is guarded by VIGA thermostatic shower 865201CH.

Good bathing quality, starting from a good shower, excellent material, smooth water system, long-lasting thermostat capacity, precise temperature control settings are indispensable. VIGA constant thermostatic shower 865201CH, under the skill of VIGA sanitary ware, stands out in the same category with comprehensive and excellent quality, bringing consumers an extraordinary bathing experience.

Sophisticated material, casting quality foundation
Showers deal with water every day. In addition to the impact on the life of the shower, the water stains left on the surface of the shower are also a health hazard and affect the beauty of the home. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Whether the material of the shower is good or not is the basis for ensuring the quality of the bath.
VIGA thermostatic shower 865201CH is made of bulk copper chrome and is made by gravity casting technology. The bright metal texture is exquisitely crafted, and the deeper meaning is that the high-quality plating treatment can better protect the copper body, enhance the corrosion resistance of the shower and prolong the service life. In addition, with a fine plating surface, it can truly avoid water residue, reduce bacterial growth and ensure the quality of hygiene.

Water and oxygen mixing to create a rain experience
Whether the water is comfortable and smooth is an important consideration for bathing quality. In order to better maintain the smooth flow of water, VIGA thermostatic shower 865201CH is equipped with 1.5MM anti-blocking aperture, no dirt and dust to hide, the flow of a single outlet hole is also larger. In combination with the air-type effluent technology, the water and the oxygen in the air are thoroughly mixed, such as the spring rain. Also, bathe with aerobic water, the blood flow of the human brain during the shower is more peaceful than the regular shower, and the brain is more relaxed. The water is smooth, the water flow is soft and fresh, and the shower experience adds a new definition to the quality of bathroom life.
Intelligent constant temperature, care for skin feelings.
The temperature of the shower water is easily affected by the water pressure, which is caused by the cold and hot, but it is inevitable in the large population with dense population and dense living environment. VIGA constant temperature shower 865201CH uses a precise thermostatic valve core to achieve intelligent constant temperature, which properly solves the problem of water temperature being hot and cold. The sensitive memory alloy uses the rotary valve stem to adjust the water, the water pressure changes, and the ratio of the hot and cold water is controlled by the movement of the ceramic piston to adjust the water temperature to a suitable temperature. In the event of sudden interruption of cold water, the ceramic piston will also move up, cut off the hot water and prevent hot water from scalding the skin.
Intelligent constant temperature, care for skin feelings, and ensure health and safety. It is the adherence of VIGA Sanitary Ware to the concept of “Human Bathroom” and also the embodiment of improving the quality of sanitary life.
Precise temperature control, temperature control
As the bath time changes, the human body feels differently, and there is a different demand for water temperature. Whether the shower can achieve precise temperature control is also a measure of bath quality. VIGA constant temperature shower 865201CH, using the gear transmission structure to create a precise temperature control thermostat hand wheel, so that each rotation of the temperature control hand wheel reaches a specific temperature, avoiding the situation that the general temperature control handle can not accurately control the temperature. When turning the thermostat handwheel, the pointer on the temperature dial will point to the corresponding scale value, providing an intuitive use scene that makes people more comfortable when using it.
Bathing is not only a daily life activity to maintain personal hygiene, but also a quality of life for people and a high quality bathing life for themselves and their families. It is a respect for health and life. Open a new bath experience and share the VIGA bathroom with you.