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There are a wide variety of basin faucets. When choosing and matching, we also need to know the type of basin faucet, as well as the color and shape of the basin faucet. Next, I will introduce you to the types of basin faucets and how to match the faucet.
What are the types of basin faucets?
Basin faucets are divided according to the installation method: wall-mounted faucet and seat faucet
1. Wall-mounted basin faucet: refers to the faucet that extends from the wall facing the basin. The water pipes are buried in the wall. This breaks the traditional concept and is a relatively fashionable design.
2. Sitting basin faucet: refers to the conventional faucet that is connected to the basin hole and the basin. This is the most common way to install faucets.
The basin faucet is divided according to the faucet style: single handle single hole faucet, double handle double hole faucet, single handle double hole faucet, double handle single hole faucet
1. Single-handle basin faucet: It means that there is only one inlet pipe connection and only one faucet valve. Such faucet is generally used when only cold water flows in.
2, double-handle double-hole basin faucet: It means that there are two inlet pipes of the faucet, which separate the hot and cold water. There are also two valves controlled by the faucet, one for controlling hot water and one for controlling cold water.
3. Single-handle double-hole basin faucet: It means that there are two inlet pipes and one faucet valve. Such a faucet generally achieves the function of regulating hot and cold water by rotating the valve left and right or up and down.
4. Double-handle single-hole basin faucet: It means that there is one inlet pipe connection and two faucet valves.
How to match the basin faucet
1, color selection:
Currently, the faucets on the market are most commonly chrome-plated with stainless steel, and there are some unusually colorful faucets. For example, bronze and gold. Stainless steel chrome plating is generally based on simple style, bronze is generally Chinese-style, gold faucet with European style, supporting the entire decoration of the extravagant.
2, shape selection:
The handles and outlet pipes of the faucet are various in shape, most of which are streamlined, and the various straight or curved faucets can be matched with the simple style decoration. If you choose a wall-mounted faucet, you must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before the faucet is buried. If the wall is too thin, the spool will not be buried. The plastic protective cover of the valve plug should not be easily removed when it is buried, so as to avoid damage to the valve core by cement or the like when it is buried.
3, size selection:
Since the basin is divided into an above counter basin and an under counter basin, in order to match the shape of the basin, the height of the faucet should be paid attention to in the selection of the faucet, and the position of the faucet outlet should be kept as high as about 15 cm above the height of the basin.
If you want to choose a new high quality basin faucet, VIGA can provide you with a variety of basin faucet options to make your life better.

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