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The choice of bathroom accessories can affect the style of our bathroom

The decoration of the bathroom is often a problem in the home improvement. The choice of bathroom accessories is even more troublesome. If the bathroom pendant style is inconsistent with the whole home, then the whole bathroom is just like a disaster.

Classification of bathroom accessory

1 towel bar & towel rack
The first type of hardware is the towel bar on the side of the shower area. Nowadays, there are generally single-rod, double-rod, multi-rod rotating products on the market. The towel ring and the towel bar have a single function, and are generally used for hanging towels. Towel racks can also be called towel racks. Under the ordinary towel racks, there are hanging towels. The upper layer is used to put clean towels, or clean clothes can be used.

2 robe hook
There are also robe hook products commonly used in the shower, which are used to hang bath balls, clothes or other daily necessities, generally divided into three types: single robe hook, double robe hook and row robe hook.

3 shelf
An essential piece of hardware in the shower area is the shelf. Usually you can put shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, razors, etc., the shelf is divided according to the installation location, there are ordinary rectangular shelves, mounted on one wall, and a tripod, installed on the intersection of the two walls. At the same time, the triangular shelf can effectively use the space and is very easy to use.

4 toilet paper holder
The toilet paper holder is generally placed on the side of the toilet, and generally has a storage panel for the mobile phone or other items.

5 toilet brush holder
The toilet brush is unsanitary on the floor, so there is a toilet brush hanging, which is clean and tidy, and beautiful.

6 soap dishes
I remember that the soaps I bought when I was a child have a plastic soap box that can be used as a soap dish. Nowadays, many soaps in the supermarket are in paper packaging and there is no soap box, so we need a soap dish that can put soap.

Bathroom  accessories materials and crafts
There are many materials used to make bathroom accessories. The most common and cheap ones are plastic pendants. However, the hardware pendants are mainly discussed here. The mainstream hardware pendants in the market are mainly aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

1 space aluminum bathroom accessories
Space aluminum is a specially treated aluminum-magnesium alloy characterized by light weight, strong load-bearing and low price. After taking into account the factors of gravity bearing, it can also achieve extremely light weight, which is an incomparable advantage of other materials. The aluminum surface of space is grayish white due to the presence of alumina, which lacks a metallic texture, but its cheap price can be said to be very practical. There is also a zinc alloy on the market that has similar characteristics.

2 304 stainless steel bathroom accessories
304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel with high chromium and high nickel. Because of its high content of chromium, it will oxidize on the surface to form a passivation film to protect the stainless steel substrate from corrosion, so its corrosion resistance is very good. 304 stainless steel surface processing is simple, only need to polish and polish, most of the 304 pendants on the market are brushed surfaces, because there is a high content of nickel, the surface will feel a little yellowish, there will be very few bright Face 304 pendant, but this glossy surface is very different from the chrome finish. 304 stainless steel is rarely used for casting, so many designs and curves are difficult to apply to the pendant. There are not many models on the market, and the market positioning is in the mid-range. If you like this pendant on the brushed surface, you can consider the 304 material.

3 surface plating bathroom accessories
Surface plating bathroom accessories mainly refer to brass chrome-plated pendants. Although both 201 stainless steel and zinc alloy can be plated, copper plating is the best in combination. And the chrome-plated surface provides a good metallic feel, so brass chrome-plated pendants are the most exclusive bathroom pendants.
The brass surface has excellent plating adhesion, the surface of the pendant will be very high-grade, the surface coating is mainly chrome-plated, and a small amount of titanium-plated gold, rose gold and so on.

Bathroom accessories style matching
Regarding the aspect of style matching, it may be the part that everyone cares most, and choose a few for everyone to explain. In fact, the color of the three bathroom pendants are relatively similar, and most of the people’s home bathrooms are also overall white decoration, so as long as other bathroom products are not too free, then basically the problem is not big, but if some In the style, the effect of a certain piece of hardware will be better.

1 space aluminum bathroom accessories
Space aluminum is grayish, not as bright as stainless steel and chrome-plated brass, but it is also warmer and softer. In the soft gray tiled bathroom, the same soft space aluminum hardware is a good choice.But if the bathroom uses a lot of white tiles or strong lights, then the choice of space aluminum may not be a bit out of place.
We did a dry and wet separation, and the wet area was relatively small, but it was a windowed Mingwei, and it was not too depressed. I made a shower door, but because it was too small, the shower room door was a little cramped. The tiles in the shower room are filled with the most popular colors.
The grey towel rail and the bathroom’s overall style complement each other.
In addition, there are a lot of space aluminum pendants or zinc pendants that are added with other colors in the oxidation process. The price is also very cheap. If used properly, it will be very textured.

2 stainless steel bathroom accessories
The color of stainless steel hardware is brighter than that of space aluminum, so the scope of application is wider. Whether it’s a simple atmosphere or an industrial tough, it can be well controlled.The bathroom is also making full use of space technology, simple and generous.

3 chrome-plated brass bathroom accessories
Chrome-plated brass is the brightest of its kind, and the chrome finish on the surface raises the brightness of the hardware to a fairly high level, making it ideal for the current mainstream minimalist Nordic style. Basically, as long as the bathroom is well lit, it can be used, even if it has elements of logs, it will not appear cold.