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Faucet Knowledge

VIGA teaches you to distinguish high-quality faucets.

First, the faucet material
1. National standard brass with low lead content: The materials used in high-end faucets are all made of national standard brass. The price of national standard brass and non-standard brass is very different because of the material, lead content and The quality of impurities is very low, which can bring consumers a very healthy and environmentally friendly life.
2. Diamond-grade ceramic disc: The high-end faucet spool is a ceramic disc spool, and the hardness of the ceramic spool can reach the diamond grade, the high-end brand faucet spool, its use can reach 50 Ten thousand times without dripping, and the service life of 500,000 times without dripping is probably more than 10 years.
3. 304 hose with high water pressure: the high-end faucet inlet hose uses pure stainless steel hose, and its inlet hose is a full 304 hose, because the 304 hose bears the water The pressure, as well as the purity of the water quality are very guaranteed.
4. Bubbler—seven-layer bubbler with comfortable feel: the bubbler of high-end faucet can give consumers a very comfortable bathing feel. The use of these accessories and materials can ensure the quality of the product.

Second, the faucet process
1. Gravity casting equipment to ensure wall thickness and density: High-end faucet production adopts foreign advanced gravity casting equipment, which can ensure the wall thickness and density of this product, so that its wall thickness can be very uniform.
2. CNC processing equipment to ensure processing accuracy: high-end faucets use purely imported CNC processing equipment. In order to ensure a precision of product processing, the processing accuracy of faucet products is directly related to the tightness of the product and its service life.
3. CNC machine tools to ensure accuracy and assembly:
High-end faucets are manufactured with fully automatic CNC machine tools, which can ensure the accuracy of the product and its assembly, so that the products produced can be very perfect and ensure the consumer’s use requirements.
4. Electroplating technology to ensure pure water and environmental protection: the electroplating technology on the surface of high-end faucets is also very important. The advanced environmental protection electroplating technology can prevent the secondary pollution of the product, which is more environmentally friendly, can guarantee the purity of the water, and also guarantee that the product will be as bright as long after being used for a long time.

3. Environmental protection faucet
1. Appropriate height: When designing a high-end faucet, the height of the faucet must be taken into consideration so that consumers will not meet when using it. This avoids unnecessary bumping of consumers in daily use.
2. The outlet point is in the center: the outlet point of the high-end faucet must be placed in a central position in the ceramic basin to store water, so that it is very comfortable to use. This can avoid splashing around when the water flow is too large.
3. Detail safety design: high-end faucets also pay attention to some humanized details, for example, square faucets must have safety corners and sharp corners. The design of these details can prevent consumers from being cut during use.
4. Convenient and firm installation: When considering the design and installation problems of high-end faucets, it must be ensured that the installation of the faucet must be firm and easy to install. This design allows consumers to save more effort and worry when installing.

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