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Water Saving Bathroom Devices You Can Install Yourself

Recently, an international news, I feel very sad after hearing it – Amazon forest fire. as one of the most biologically diverse areas of the planet, the Amazon rainforest is also the largest rainforest on the planet, known as ” The lungs of the earth, and it spans eight South American countries, 60% of which are located in Brazil. It contributes 20% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere by itself and plays a key role in slowing global warming. The data shows that the deforestation and burning of the Amazon rainforest this year is much more serious than last year. In just a few months from January to August, the Amazon rainforest area was reduced by 3,440 square kilometers, 40% higher than the 2018 reduction. ”

In order to alleviate the destruction of the earth’s ecology, the first step our citizens can do is to save water.But that doesn’t mean you need to blow hundreds or thousands of dollars on professionally installed low flow appliances—not when these inexpensive items can be installed with the tools you (should) already own.


Low Flow Faucet Aerators and Shower Heads

The fastest and easiest way to reduce your water usage is to simply install aerators on your faucets. These perforated metal sleeves reduce water usage by about four percent on average and can either be installed into the end of the faucet itself (you simply have to unscrew the tip—counter-clockwise—using a pair of slip-jaw crescent pliers) or by screwing on as an external attachment. There will be a noticeable drop in your water pressure, but that’s how you’ll know it’s saving you water.

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Installing a low flow, or aerating, a basin mixer spout is just as simple, as they operate nearly identically to faucet aerators. Look for a head unit with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm (gallon per minute) or less. Compared to a regular 2.5 gpm Head, these low flowers will save thousands of gallons of water annually. You’ll need that same crescent wrench you used on your faucets, some plumber’s tape, and a rag for this installation:


Use the wrench to loosen the nut that’s holding the old shower head onto the pipe,unscrew it and let it loose. then finish unscrewing it with your fingers and remove the head.

Wipe down the pipe’s threads (the ones that were just exposed by removing the head) to ensure that there isn’t any mildew or rust or other bits of gunk that could bind the threading.

Wrap a thin layer of plumber’s tape over the threads to ensure a watertight seal with the shower head, then screw on the new head until the finger tight before cranking it down to the appropriate tension with the crescent wrench.

And if you want to get really serious about saving money while bathing, you can also install and if you want to get really serious about saving money while bathing, you can also install an VIGA brass bathroom faucet.

Water Saving Bathroom Devices You Can Install Yourself - Faucet Knowledge - 2

because the majority of VIGA basin mixer product adopt the ABS aerator and it can save 30%water.

therefore, all above installation work will save as long as you select one VIGA basin mixer.

VIGA’s products are certified by UPC in Canada. The main body of the product is 59% copper, We are very confident in the quality of our products and have a warranty period of five years.

the Chrome Basin Faucet Single Lever mixer adopt ceramic 35mm cartridge which can be used up to 500000times without leakage.

Innovative technology, more fun in VIGA.




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