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VIGA tell you how to choose a high quality shower for your bathroom.

A high quality shower can improve our feelings when we take a shower. Therefore, when the shower is installed, the requirements for the shower are getting higher and higher. Next, let’s take a look at how to choose the bathroom shower. And what are the shower installation methods? Hope these will help everyone.
First, how to choose a bathroom shower
1. How to choose the bathroom shower to see the spout, the ordinary plastic spout is inelastic, the texture is rough, easy to block, difficult to clean; the high quality spout is made of ABS silica gel material, soft and high elasticity, the water hole will automatically expand when it emerges from water. Blocked, easy to clean.
2. How to choose the function of the bathroom shower, when choosing, let the shower tilt from the water. If the water at the top of the nozzle is noticeably small or absent, the interior design of the shower is very general. Even with a variety of ways, users may not be able to get the experience.
3, how to choose the bathroom shower to see the plating, the brighter and finer the naked eye, the better the coating process. The good spool is made of ceramic and has a very high hardness. It is smooth and wear resistant to prevent dripping. At the time of purchase, you must try to twist the switch yourself. If you don’t feel good, it’s best not to buy this kind of shower.
4, how to choose the bathroom shower to see the material, inferior shower made of ordinary plastic, not heat, low temperature, easy to burn when using, and release toxic substances such as plasticizer. The high quality enamel shower is made of high quality ABS plastic and is very stable and perfectly compatible with the coating.
Second, what are the shower installation methods?
1. The first thing we need to do when installing the shower is to determine the size. Measure the size of the upper and lower walls, find the installation position of the shower; draw the shower position, height, etc. on the wall according to the specific height. Then according to the type of shower, the height of the shower is divided into two types: according to the relevant regulations, the dark water outlet of the concealed shower wall should be 2.1 meters from the ground, and the shower switch should be 1.1 meters from the shower opening. Ground; it is defined by the shower surface, spaced 2 meters apart. It should be noted that these data are only uniform data. After the device is implemented, it should be adjusted according to the height of the user.
2. Use a drill to drill holes according to the aforementioned dimensions and install an S-type joint. This connector can be adjusted for easy connection to the shower mixer. The joint should be wrapped with tape and the number of turns should not be less than 30 laps to avoid water leakage. Install the shower lift and eccentric parts, then cover.
3. Insert the expansion tube into the hole in the device and secure the wall to the wall with self-tapping screws. Note: The wall bracket must be on the same line as the tap water outlet.
4. The entire bracket of the device shower, take out the shower faucet, put the foot pad into the nut, then connect it to the S-shaped elbow, and fully tighten the nut with a wrench. Use a level gauge to measure the water level of the faucet.
5. Screw the round bottom cover onto the wall and secure the shower to the wall. After the shower is fixed, tighten and then place the shower hose on the back and install the hand shower.
How to choose a bathroom shower and how to install the shower, if you want to know more home decoration information, please continue to pay attention to VIGA FAUCET.