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What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom?

Bathroom Business School

Bathroom interior

An indispensable functional area

But because of the house planning or area restrictions

Many bathrooms do not have windows

Ventilation and lighting are big problems

For example, some of the dark bathroom without windows, it is a combination of boring, dark, wet, smelly and other difficult problems. So, since the type of household problems can not be changed, is there a better way to save such a bathroom? Today I’ll share a few tips, perhaps you will get some reference from it.




The ventilation of the bathroom is the most important issue. Because there is no fresh air into it, it can not produce displacement and convection with the dirty air inside, it is easy to breed more bacteria, resulting in the bathroom and stink and moisture. Air problems simply can not be improved. Generally speaking, people will install exhaust fans, with the ventilation pipe together with the waste discharge, and then let the fresh air outside to replenish in. Currently on the market home exhaust fans are divided into ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and window-mounted three.

– Ceiling type: better appearance, can be installed in the ceiling of the bathroom. This exhaust fan pipe is shorter, so the installation also need to buy a matching ventilation pipe.

– Wall-mounted: smaller, can be set in the wall above but because of its weak extraction, it is only suitable for a small area of the bathroom installation.

– Window type: is different from the first two. It has a two-way operation. It can not only expel the indoor air, but also replenish the fresh outdoor air into the room, so the window ventilation effect is better.

What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom? - Blog - 1

However, the air volume of the exhaust fan is very small, which can only achieve local ventilation, and the time limit is short. If the air in your bathroom is a serious problem, you should install a more effective fresh air system. It provides fresh air for the home continuously, to achieve the real sense of air circulation. It also allows you to open the windows without changing the load-bearing premise.

Ventilation using bath bombs: Some integrated bath bombs now also have a ventilation function, especially some big brands are designed with this in mind. Its disadvantage is that the bath exhaust is not the main function of slightly lower efficiency.



Light source

First: the location of the light source must be well zoned. Generally speaking, the light source in the bathroom must not be less than three, respectively, the shower area, toilet area, wash area. These three main compartments are the main compartments of human activity. If the three zones are placed side by side can also be installed two lights: a light source here in the vanity mirror, the toilet and shower area share a light source.

The use of large mirrors + mirror lights to supplement the light source is a very practical approach. One can hit an even light, to ensure that every dark corner can be filled with light. Secondly, it is also convenient to brush your teeth and wash, to maximize the shortcomings of the lack of light.

Second: for the choice of bathroom light color. Generally speaking, the windowless bathroom light transmission is not very good. It has higher requirements for lighting. In fact, the main thing is the color light of the light source. Windowless bathroom is naturally should choose a cold color light source. Cold light is the most suitable light dark zone, which can enhance the contrast, the sight is also brighter.

What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom? - Blog - 2



Color scheme

There is almost no light surface in the windowless bathroom, so in the decoration should pay attention to the choice of color. Generally speaking, white is the best. On the one hand, white and bathroom products are also more compatible, on the other hand, white can reflect light well, it will look brighter bathroom.

As for the white match, first of all, the tiles can be used white. It is recommended to use the texture with stripes, which can expand the reflection interval. Secondly, the color of daily necessities in the bathroom can be white, such as dressing counter, towels and so on. This overall effect gives a more refreshing.

Together with the transparent glass partition design, all can solve this problem very well. This visually improve the shortcomings of the lack of light.

What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom? - Blog - 3




When renovating the bathroom, whether it is the installation of the basic sewer pipe, or toilet, washbasin or faucet, it should be carefully tested and checked.

This is to prevent water leaks that can cause problems for daily use. In order to eliminate water leakage problems as much as possible, we must apply waterproof materials and then conduct the necessary closed water test. In addition, try to buy high-quality floor drains, plumbing and hardware, which can also ensure the comfort and cleanliness of the bathroom.

Of course, if you usually diligent cleaning, timely wipe the countertop water and stains, and then use the heating and ventilation function of the bath bar to remove moisture. I believe that your family’s health home must be clean, fresh and clean.




Fully enclosed bathroom, it is most likely to cause the problem of odor dispersion. If the bathroom at home is comparable to a “public toilet”, what kind of experience will it be?

In fact, as long as you achieve waterproof, ventilation, and air exchange these points, deodorization problem can basically be solved. But at the beginning of the renovation one thing that should not be ignored is the use of U-shaped sewer pipe to form a water seal. This can eliminate the source of odor from the source.

The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage system to the indoor floor. It is an important part of the drainage system in the residence, and its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air and is very important for odor control in the bathroom.

What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom? - Blog - 4

Nowadays, this kind of floor drain is popular to have a large drainage opening, and the drainage speed is ten times faster than ordinary floor drains.

It can not only play the role of water blocking, but also make the speed of water down. Due to the small space and limited ventilation in the bathroom, it is not suitable to place too strong smell fragrance. It should be light and sweet fruit, floral and marine scents.

In addition, after going to the toilet, you should cover the toilet tightly and flush in time. This can avoid the accumulation of floor drain debris and other good habits of life. These can play a role in isolating the odor to a certain extent.



Wet and dry separation

Now the new house will generally do a good job of separating the necessary wet and dry. You can generally use glass or other partitions to let the dry area and wet area away. This can be used in the process of a series of hidden dangers to exclude.

What About A Bathroom Without Windows? How Can I Better Renovate A Windowless Bathroom? - Blog - 5

For small homes, the problem that many people worry about is the lack of area and thus the inability to do wet and dry partitioning. Look at the planning area of each of our functional areas in the above chart, in fact, the bathroom has 5 ㎡ can do the shower room.

For the partition of a small house, glass is preferred. This saves space and supplements the light source, and the transparent glass not only can have the effect of visual expansion, but also makes the space look clean and clear.

In the past, the old house did not “wet and dry separation” of this awareness, so most of the shower curtain used a simple to separate. This practice is certainly better than nothing, but it is not only ineffective in isolating water vapor, but also easy to breed bacteria, moisture, odor are inevitable.

The bathroom is small

But it is the areas where the level of housing decoration can be best seen

Especially in small homes

If not carefully decorated

It will definitely bring hidden dangers to the future life



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