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What Are The UPC And CUPC Mark On The Faucet?

UPC approved refers to uniform plumbing code, unified sanitary plumbing product standards, is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products entering the US market, and adding “c” refers to the Canadian market, cUPC is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products in the North American market, The product range of cUPC certification is the plumbing and sanitary products exported to the North American market.The cUPC certification evaluates the certified products according to the unified pipeline specifications of the United States and Canada, and the specific certificate is issued by the IAPMO (International Association Plumbing and Mechanical Offcials) agency in the United States.

The certificate is valid for 1 year, and the annual fee for the next year will be renewed 3 months before the certificate expires. At the same time, the IAPMO agency’s regular factory audits will continue to keep the certificate valid.

UPC is the certification mark of IAPMO. IAPMO is the abbreviation of International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials in English. Its headquarters is located in California, USA, and it is a non-profit organization. Since its establishment in 1926, IAPMO has been engaged in the formulation of safe use codes and standards for the building water supply and drainage industry and building ventilation systems, as well as testing and certification of related products. After you are awarded the cupc certificate , your products could laser cupc logo.

Certification scope

According to the United States unified plumbing, heating, ventilation, and sanitary codes, products that can be certified are the main categories:

  1. Faucet and shower head for kitchen and bathroom, upc bath shower;
  2. Antifreeze faucet;
  3. Ceramic sanitary ware;
  4. Bathtub, shower room, massage surf bathtub;
  5. Prepare hose;
  6. Metal bellows;
  7. Copper alloy pipes, copper pipe joints, upc fuacet parts;
  8. Plastic pipes, plastic pipe joints;
  9. Cast iron drain pipe, pipe fittings;
  10. Rubber pipe hoop;
  11. Copper ball valve, gate valve;
  12. Flush toilet tank accessories;
  13. Metal / non-metal stop valve, check valve;
  14. Copper alloy floor drain;
  15. Cast iron floor drain;
  16. Aluminum-plastic composite tube;
  17. Plastic toilet cover;
  18. Ceramic mandrel (for faucet);
  19. Rubber washer;
  20. Ventilation duct;
  21. ANSI / NSF non-toxic certification;
  22. Water dispenser (R.O.), water softener.

Certification standards

  1. Faucet (Plumbing fixture fittings), ASME A112.18.1;
  2. Metal hose (Flexible water connectors), ASME A112.18.6;
  3. Vitreous China plumbing fixtures, ASME A112.19.2;
  4. Water tank accessories (Anti-siphon fill valves (ballcocks) for gravity water closet flush tanks), ASSE 1002;
  5. Drain valve (Trim for water-closet bowls, tanks, and urinals), ASME A112.19.5;
  6. Faucet shower (Hand-held Showers), ASSE 1014;
  7. Shielded couplings joining hubless cast iron soil pipe and fittings, ASTM C1277;
  8. Cast iron pipe / and pipe fittings (Hubless cast iron soil pipe and fittings for sanitary and storm drain waste, and went piping applications), ASTM A888-04a.

Registration steps

  1. Read the application form completely and completely, and fill in the blank column on the application form. Return the original after signing.
  2. Fill in the initial questionnaire for factory evaluation.
  3. Read the attached product registration agreement. After signing, return the two originals.
  4. Calculate and determine the appropriate fees (attached), submit the application form, product registration agreement and fees to IAPMO, as well as the relevant information and materials mentioned in steps 5-14 below.
  5. Refer to the attachment “G” (attached), select the appropriate IAPMO certificate of conformity mark. According to the terms of the product registration agreement, the mark will be applied to the registered product.
  6. Provide 7 detailed product engineering drawings (such as blueprints) with dimensions, and include the required position, font and method of adding IAPMO certificate of conformity to the product, such as etching, glass cover Attach labels or use protruding words, etc. Drawings of showers and shower trays, the ratio of their size requirements is: 1 “= 1’0”.
  7. Provide 7 product test reports, indicating that the product performance meets the requirements of the corresponding product performance standards. The test report shall be submitted by a laboratory approved by IAPMO. The list of laboratories accredited by IAPMO can be obtained upon request. For new product registration applications, the date of the test report must be within one year, and must be submitted in the required format.
  8. Submit one or several samples to the research committee of IAPMO free of charge, and pay the shipping fee in advance. The exact number of samples is determined by the IAPMO technical staff. The sample is initially marked with the IAPMO certificate of conformity selected in step 5 above in the original product type. IAPMO is not responsible for the loss or damage of any materials submitted. Unless the applicant makes a request to return the samples within two weeks after the registration notice is issued, IAPMO can handle any samples on its own.
  9. Propose a description of the product within 50 words, which will be included in the research recommendation catalog after editorial review.
  10. Each product submitted for registration should submit a color photo of normal size (approximately 3.5 “* 5”). Each photo should display as many marks and identification features as possible.
  11. Submit the original text of 7 documents (or brochures) showing and describing the product.
  12. According to the requirements of Article 17 of the Product Registration Agreement, provide the address, telephone number, contact name and other information of the warehouse of each factory that manufactures and will manufacture the registered products. Only the final assembly site needs to provide the above information, and the manufacturing product parts are not required.
  13. If the product is imported or will be imported, the name, street address, telephone number and contact name of the importer and underwriter should be provided. This information needs to be provided in addition to the information required in step 12.
  14. The research committee will determine the product registration based on the appropriate product samples provided by the applicant to IAPMO before product registration. The samples of the product should be attached with the appropriate final mark. If the product sample cannot be archived, the photo of the marked product sample must be provided with the product label.

The research committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Therefore, all the above-mentioned documents and relevant information materials should be received before the third day of the month in order to be reviewed at the month ’s meeting. If you wish to be present at the committee, you must make a written request when submitting the application. Applications received late will be charged a percentage of the total application fee.

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