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Tell you where a 300 yuan faucet is more expensive than a 30 yuan faucet?

1. Material

The main materials of faucets currently on the market are cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to aging, zinc alloy has poor stability, and it is easy to burst, resulting in short-term use, so I don’t recommend buying these three materials of faucets.

More than 90% of domestic and foreign high-end faucets are usually cast with copper. Brass is the most suitable faucet material and has bacteriostatic effect. Among them, H59 copper is the most suitable, the lead content is also qualified, and the H62 copper and lead content is less and more resistant to corrosion Although stainless steel can be lead-free, it is currently not popular because of its complex process and lack of copper’s bacteriostatic advantages.

2. Cartridge

The faucet is turned on and off every day, and the cartridge determines the life of the faucet. At present, ceramic spools are the most suitable cartridge materials for home use. Most high-end faucet cartridges use imported or foreign original ceramic cartridges. With durability, they can also reach 500,000 switches without dripping.

The traditional valve core is made of metal materials such as cast iron, copper, etc. Such metal materials will wear and rust after a long time, resulting in poor faucet switch or inadequate sealing.

3. Hose

The high-end faucet inlet hose uses pure stainless steel hose, and its inlet hose is a 304 hose, because the 304 hose bears the pressure of the water and the purity of the water quality. It is very guaranteed.

4. Where is the faucet expensive-aerator

The high-end faucet aerator can give consumers a very comfortable bathing feel. The use of these accessories and materials can ensure product quality.

5. Where is your price? –Surface Technology

The electroplated surface of high-priced faucets usually feels like a mirror. When you press with your finger, the traces of hand lines will disappear immediately. Moreover, advanced environmental protection electroplating technology can prevent secondary pollution of products and ensure the purity of water. For most hardware sanitary wares, the plating process is basically equivalent to chrome plating.

6. Where is expensive? ——Service life

The quality of high-end faucets is still so good after 5 years of use, and all meet the national water-saving requirements standards. Their product durability, energy saving and environmental protection highlight the value of the products. Cheap taps have a short service life or even after two or three months of use, after-sales or accidents occur, the safety is low, and consumers are not recommended to buy them.

7. After-sale protection

It is produced by regular manufacturers and has a comprehensive after-sales service system throughout the country. No matter the accident or failure of this product, the manufacturer or distributor will be responsible for solving it at any time. The brands that produce higher-configuration products are mostly high-quality sanitary ware brands. Word of mouth generated by each product.

Expensive faucets naturally have their reasons, so expensive, so expensive, because they are expensive. From raw materials to finished products, faucets have to go through more than 30 rigorous process development, the process is quite complex. Different materials, different processes, and different inspections are all doomed to the difference in faucet prices.

Therefore, buying a faucet should still choose a brand faucet is guaranteed, one cent for every price. This is an eternal truth!