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What shower faucet do you choose to have a five-star bath experience?

How important is a shower? You may not feel the bath every day at home, but if you stay in a five-star hotel once a day, take a shower there, and then go home with a dozen showers, it will be a bit dismissive.

After all, a comfortable bathing experience requires a perfect combination of water heater, filter, and water pressure. When these conditions cannot be achieved to the extreme, the ultimate fantasy of bathing finally falls on the shower.

How can I take a comfortable and enjoyable bath? With the help of Jinluxing Bathroom, I summarized the following points:

1. Top spray or handheld

When choosing a shower, the shopping guide will always ask you first whether you prefer a handheld shower or a shower set with a top spray. This point varies from person to person. For example, men and women are divided on this multiple choice question.

Mens prefer to spray at the top, because the water volume is large and the bath is very refreshing. And women prefer to hold the shower, the water is exquisite, and the hair will not get wet during the bath.

As a result, more and more people have chosen shower sets that have both a top spray and a handheld shower set. Expensive is a little bit more expensive, but it is worthwhile to satisfy more choices for the whole family.

2. Material

The material of the shower mainly includes pure copper and stainless steel.

Pure copper ≠ all copper

Copper shower: It is relatively high in cost. Although it is more ordinary in shape, its durability is still relatively high.

Stainless steel shower: There are few in shape and style, but the space that can be shaped in size is relatively large. It is most commonly used in high-end hotels.

Now if you really want to pursue high quality, then you must take the “pure copper” + “plating” route. It is more appropriate. You can see its gloss and smoothness. The bright and smooth shower shows that the coating is uniform and the quality is relatively good. Well, such showers are naturally more durable, because the electroplating process can really avoid the residue of water stains. After washing for a year and a half, it can be as clean as new.


The cartridge is the heart of the shower. The control of the steering, pressure, and flow of the shower is basically achieved by the cartridge. It is also a key component for mixing cold water and hot water. The most direct thing is that it can completely affect the comfort and duration of your bath.

And the thermostatic shower that can comfortably bathe also depends on the valve core to control the temperature. Everyone knows that the thermostatic shower can save you the time of adjusting the water temperature, and it will not be cold and hot when taking a bath.

4. Thermostatic shower

Why do we need a thermostatic shower? You should know that the hot and cold bath water is not only an uncomfortable problem for the elderly, but also easily causes colds and burns.

The temperature of the constant temperature shower is constant and can balance the water pressure. The standard temperature is generally around 38 ℃, which is about the same as the temperature of the human body. The shower is within this temperature range, and the shower is most comfortable. At the same time, the maximum outlet temperature of 49 ° C is limited to avoid scalds caused by misuse of the elderly and children at home.

The constant temperature shower is also convenient to use. It does not need to repeat the action after setting the temperature, which reduces the traditional repeated operation of mixing handles of hot and cold water, which improves efficiency and saves time.

The standard thermostatic shower faucet has a knob on each of the left and right sides. While the knob adjusts the water temperature, the knob controls the amount of water. The left knob adjusts the amount of water. It is closed when the scale is aligned. Turn it forward to adjust the amount of water.

The thermostatic shower also has a water-saving effect, because ordinary showers often need a lot of water to adjust the temperature. This way back and forth, the water saved is wasted again. There is no need to worry about this situation with the thermostatic shower. The setting of the one-touch thermostat does not need to waste time and water, which not only improves the bathing efficiency, but also saves water costs.

The constant temperature shower is also really required for water quality, but it is not so strict, as long as there is no obvious suspended matter in the water, because impurities will cause the shower to be inaccurate in temperature, so there will be no comfortable bathing experience, corresponding Also, the spool will be damaged, resulting in a shortened shower life.

If the water quality in the home is really poor, you can install a pre-filter or water purifier first, so as to maintain the life of the shower and ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

In fact, a simple and elegant thermostatic shower can give you a five-star bathing experience, so that every skin of you is bathed in enjoyment, such as in the rain, a flawless soul dialogue.