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Why Should Not Buy A House With A Double Bathroom Type? Insiders Say The Truth, Many People Have Bought The Wrong Type Of Room

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Nowadays, people’s quality of life is generally improved, the quality of life requirements are also increasingly high, so when buying a house often consider the option of buying a double bathroom type. Their purpose is to solve the problem of too few household bathrooms. Many people may feel that it is much more convenient to have an extra bathroom at home. Especially when there are more people in the house, you don’t have to wait in line for a shower at night or washing up in the morning. But is this really the case? Recently I have a friend in real estate, he told me that although the double bathroom type brings convenience to our life, there are also some shortcomings. What exactly are they? Let’s take a look.

Why Should Not Buy A House With A Double Bathroom Type? Insiders Say The Truth, Many People Have Bought The Wrong Type Of Room - Blog - 1


1, The bedroom with bathroom is easy to smell

If the bedroom with a bathroom, the long-term use of the situation is prone to clogged pipes cause sewage overflow. Once the sewage flow into the bedroom, cleaning up is very troublesome. And renovation, if the floor drain does not do a good job of anti-odor measures, the future bathroom odor may also affect the bedroom, thus affecting your sleep quality.

2, Renovation costs rise

Bedroom with a bathroom, although convenient, but the cost of renovation will also be greatly increased. First of all, we must do a good job of waterproofing, followed by the purchase of hardware for the bathroom bathroom, toilet, shower, etc.. For friends with a tight renovation budget, this is undoubtedly more of a burden.

3, It is easy to cause bedroom humidity

If the bedroom with bathroom, it is easy to cause indoor humidity. Especially for the dark bathroom models without windows in some bathrooms, it is easy to breed bacteria and moisture. If the time is long, the bathroom will also have a musty smell. If the bedroom closet is designed next to the bathroom wall, it is likely to cause the closet to rot.

So I still advise you, it is best to buy a house to avoid double bathroom type. Especially for the area of less than 100 square feet of small homes or not many people in the family, in fact, it is enough to have a bathroom. This also saves the worry of water leakage in the future. If your home is a small house, but the household has two bathrooms, I also recommend that you can transform the bedroom bathroom into a checkroom. This is not a waste of space, but also not afraid of the shortcomings brought about by the bathroom to bother your life.

If your home really need two bathroom situation, finally I give you some bedroom bathroom decoration tips. First of all, waterproofing must be done. This avoids leakage in the future. Secondly, ventilation problems should also be done. Especially for the dark bathroom without windows, you must install a good exhaust fan and other ventilation equipment, and do a good job of separating the wet and dry bathroom. Finally, in the choice of floor drain, it is also best to choose the floor drain with the function of preventing the return of odor. So that you do not worry about the bedroom bathroom always has a bad smell.



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