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2 Square Meters Of Small Bathroom, But Also Can Achieve Wet And Dry Separation?

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I do not know why, now many communities whether it is a small house or slightly larger, developers have made the bathroom very small. Many people think, if the chicken space at home, can be given to the bathroom with good.

2-3 square meters of small bathroom, enough for what? Even the most basic wet and dry separation can not be achieved.

Really can not be achieved? Let’s take a look with me today!


01 Wet and dry separation

Speaking of the bathroom, we all know that three separate the most convenient, can simultaneously meet the washroom, toilet, bath three do not interfere with each other.

However, three separate bathrooms basically need to build walls to achieve, which is not too friendly to small bathrooms.

Small bathroom where there is room for you to build a wall ah!

But if not divided ……

The design of the pot of washroom + toilet + shower like the picture above, it is hard to escape the dilemma of the entire bathroom wall is vapor after the shower, the toilet lid is full of water.

If there are elderly people, they may also fall down because of the slippery ground with a lot of water …… This time, the independent shower area is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the independent method of shower area can be divided into three kinds of shower room, glass partition and shower curtain.

For the small bathroom of inches, it is definitely important to save space in the first place, so look at this alone shower curtain wins!

Shower curtain partition is relatively very flexible, usually pulled up when you can not affect the bathroom activity area, while the bath can also be effective in blocking water, convenient and practical.

When using a shower curtain, you must use a water barrier on the ground for water barrier treatment, and you can spend a few dozen dollars on shopping sites to solve it yourself.

Buy a PVC water barrier on the shopping site, ask the seller to cut it to the desired length. Long, curved, U-shaped and diamond-shaped can be chosen.

Search for “no installation water stopper” on shopping sites, not even glass glue, just put the water stopper directly on the floor. To wash the toilet, and then take away the water barrier.

There is a water barrier with a magnetic strip, the bottom of the shower curtain can be sucked on it, the perfect solution to the problem of the shower curtain floating up.

But as long as possible, do not put the toilet and shower area together. The purpose of adding a water barrier is to be able to use the bathroom cabinet and toilet normally even after the shower. If you surround it, the ground around the toilet is wet, and there is no point in installing this water barrier.

You can also take out 1m2 to create a small shower room

Wet and dry separation is now generally do shower room, the basic size of the shower room is 90 * 90cm, the minimum can not be less than 80 * 80cm, otherwise it is not convenient for bathing.

Or, directly separated by a small section of glass

Feel the shower room is too rigid? You can do a glass half partition, the view is more transparent, the shower is not boring. But the disadvantage is poor insulation capacity, moisture will enter the dry area.

02 Carry out the sink

Without changing the area of the bathroom, by changing the position of the partition wall, the washroom area is carried out from the bathroom and becomes a separate unit.

After the change, the position of the bathroom door was significantly changed, and you can wash without entering the bathroom. Although only a simple wall treatment was done, the effect is very obvious. After this, there is no longer a situation where people who wash and use the toilet “grab the toilet”.

Moreover, by taking out the washing area, the space needed for washing can be shared by the rest of the room, reducing the crowdedness of a small bathroom.

And since there is no serious splash in the sink, the floor can be paved with the same floor as the living room, and the walls can be painted. This also allows it to be more naturally connected to other rooms, while the value of the face online, the feasibility is higher.


03 Where to put the washing machine?

Even if the bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower area and shower curtain are stuffed into the small bathroom, but there is still a “big piece” did not go in, that is – the washing machine.

1, you can put it on the balcony

  • Advantages: save a lot of space, laundry is also convenient to dry directly after washing.
  • Disadvantages: because the sewage is discharged from the rainwater pipe, for the open balcony, a long time is likely to block the pipe, in case it rains outside, may lead to rainwater drainage can not go down. Moreover, long-term exposure to the sun in summer may lead to shorten the life of the washing machine.
  • Note: Do a good job of sun protection, cover the curtain when not in use.

2, you can also put it in the kitchen

Nowadays, many people move the washing machine into the kitchen, not only do not need to worry about the problem of water and sewage, but also save a lot of space.

If it is often cooking heavy fumes, do not consider it, because now the young people who cook at home are less and less, heavy fumes almost rarely exist.

  • Advantages: water, electricity is more convenient to use, can be hidden in the cabinet, the overall look of unity, flat and comfortable.
  • Disadvantages: If the fumes are too heavy, it will affect the life of the washing machine, and if it is too close to the fire source, there is also the possibility of an accident.
  • Note: Measure the size in advance, usually pay attention to regular cleaning of the kitchen, keep ventilation.

Finally is the bathroom storage, because the ground area is limited, so Qijia recommended more use of wall space, such as: mirror cabinet, above the toilet shelves, doorway hooks, towel racks, etc..



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