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24th Kitchen & Bath Exhibition in Shanghai,2019,China.

On May 27-30, 2019, Shanghai New International Expo Center will usher in a wave of exhibitions. The 24th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition, which is known as the

“Market of Industry Development”, will be held here. Currently, there are already have 1,257 Chinese and foreign famous manufacturers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada,

Cayman Islands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland,Russia, Singapore,

Spain,Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong and Taiwan  signed up for the exhibition, with an exhibition area

of ​​230,000 square meters. It is foreseeable that the grand event of the mass transit market last year will be “upgraded” again in Shanghai.

In the general low-lying situation of the global economy, the hot situation of this exhibition is in sharp contrast with the recently collapsed exhibition market, which is particularly “abnormal”. Due

to the current economic situation, many exhibitions have chosen to reduce their positions. Dismantling and shrinking have become a habitual measure for major exhibitions this year. This year’s

China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition has gone against the trend. On the basis of the previous 23 sessions, the scale has not decreased or increased, with an increase of

9.1%. This has injected a timely and violent injection into the recently bleak domestic building materials trading market. Cardiotonic agent. This year, Kaiping has more than 60 enterprises to

participate in. Guo Hongjun, director of the comprehensive business department of China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of the People’s

Government of Shuikou Town of Kaiping City visited the exhibition hall to experience and feel the atmosphere of the exhibition and “vented” for the exhibitors.

The leaders and the delegation visited the booths of Huayi, Weixiang, VIGA,Caizhou, Jinpai, Ruilin and other enterprises. Every time they visited a booth, they stopped and carefully understood

the exhibits. Director Guo Hongjun encouraged enterprises to meet new friends and new merchants with the help of exhibitions. At the same time, they hoped that Kaiping enterprises should unite

and use this platform to promote Kaiping plumbing and sanitary wares, so that more people can understand Kaiping products and understand Kaiping enterprises.