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How to unclog the stainless steel 304 floor drainer?

The daily water consumption is very large. Every day washing, changing clothes, daily washing in the home requires water, and the used water needs to be discharged. There may be some debris in the used wastewater. After filtering, it will lead to blockage of the pipeline, so the use of floor drainer is indispensable. In the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, these places need to use floor drainer.What should we do if the stainless steel 304 floor drainer is blocked?

Causes of floor drainer blockage

  • Hair entanglement causes blockage
    What should I do if the floor drainer is blocked? I want to make the floor drainer re-opening. It is necessary to understand why the floor drainer is blocked. For example, the floor drainer in the bathroom will often be blocked. In fact, the floor drainer in this space will be blocked. Because of the too much hair, hair loss is a common thing, especially when taking a bath, some hair falls down and flows down the water into the floor drain. Over time, it will cause blockage of the floor drainer.
    Because the hair is entangled, the floor drainer will become more and more blocked. When cleaning, first clean the hair inside the floor drain, so that you can continue to use it, but this is not a long-term solution, otherwise it will be used after a period of use. This happens, so you can reduce your socks to a small piece. The thinner the better, install it in the position of the water inlet, so that when you take a bath, the hair will stick to the socks, so don’t worry. There is a situation of blocking the floor drainer.
  • Greasy kitchen clog
    In addition to the bathroom, the floor drainer that is most prone to blockage in the house is inside the kitchen. The kitchen has to cook every day, to wash the bowl, to drain, and to wash vegetables, so there will be many different sizes of impurities mixed in The inside of the waste water, especially when washing the bowl and brushing the pot, is greasy, that is, these greasy and residue blocks the floor drain.
    Therefore, when unblocking, you can’t solve it in the normal way. You need to prepare half a bag of soda powder and pour it into the floor drainer. Add some white vinegar and wait for a while to dissolve the greasy stuff. Then the faucet is continuously washed and almost cleaned.
  • Building material blockage
    If the floor drainer cover is not lost, it is usually covered on the floor drainer. It may be that the building material fell into the pipe when the house was built before, and the blockage was caused by not cleaning it in time.
  • Main pipe blockage
    The main draining pipe of the external wall connected to the floor drain is blocked, causing the water in your home not to go out. You need to ask if the neighbors upstairs and downstairs have similar ground leakage. If there is a blockage, it is a problem with the main pipe outside.

Dredging method for floor drainer blockage

  1. Soda water dredge: First, pour half a cup of cooked soda powder into the sewer, then pour half a cup of vinegar. After reacting with the acid in the vinegar, the soda can remove the oily substances adhering to the pipe.
  2. Circular dredge: First insert a log with a diameter close to the drain into the water pipe, and put a certain amount of water in the pool, and quickly pull up and down the log, under the action of suction and pressure, in the pipeline The dirt will be washed away.
  3. Carnitine dredging: The sewer pipe is blocked, you can buy a few pieces of caustic soda from the market, put it in the sewer pipe, and then pour some hot water. When caustic soda encounters hot water, the caustic soda encounters a chemical change in hot water, the temperature rises rapidly, the oil scale in the pipe dissolves, and is discharged along the water, thereby solving the problem of sewerage.
  4. Dredging agent: Supermarkets sell “pipeline” is to clean up such pipes, and pour the amount according to the degree of blockage. Pay attention to the instructions before buying, because some kinds of pipes are for metal pipes, plastic can not be used. .
  5. Bio-clearing: Put a small yellow scorpion into the downpipe, then add some irritating things like washing powder or salt, cover the lid, and make the pipe clear through the biological characteristics of the scutellaria.
  6. Inflator pumping: When the floor drain is blocked, the hose of the pump can be inserted into the sewer, and then a small amount of water can be put in, and the pipe can be ventilated continuously, and the pipe can be dredged.

What should we do if the stainless steel 304 floor drainer is blocked? If you want to clear the blocked floor drainer, you need to know what the floor drainer is because of the blockage. Where is the blockage? After you understand the cause, you can prescribe the right medicine. In many cases, it is blocked by the hair. It is also a troublesome situation, so pay attention to protection in daily life. It is best to concentrate on the hair that is dropped and do not throw it into the drain. Otherwise, it will be a trouble to create disguise for yourself.