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Kitchen faucet

For the kitchen faucet, let alone the consumer, that is, many hardware engineers in the industry, there are also many strangers to it, a few years ago, the author is like this.
Today, I mainly introduce the types of kitchen faucets. Of course, there may be omissions, please leave a message!
Most of the domestic kitchen faucets are hot and cold water functions. The experience of other kitchen faucets is still unfamiliar. With the upgrade of sales fees, the faucet is getting more and more popular!
Below I will list the types of kitchen faucets and give a brief description (the name of the kitchen faucet is not the same, everyone understands it).
1、Hot and cold mixed single function kitchen faucet
Only a combination of hot and cold water mode.

Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 1

kitchen water faucet

2、Pull the kitchen faucet
There is a water column outlet and a spray pattern on the pull head. The pull head can draw a distance of about 1 meter, which is convenient for washing the sink, bowl, etc.! More convenient.
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 2
3、Thick spring kitchen faucet
The large spring wire diameter allows the shower head to be reset, and the spring’s deformation and bending function allows the shower head to have a certain flushing flexibility.
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 3
4、Fine spring kitchen faucet
Compared with the thick spring faucet, this spring faucet has no return tension, but can maintain the shape of the spring, and the hand feel is softer than the thick spring!
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 4
5、The water tap
Because the water faucet is often placed in the kitchen, it is also considered to be in the kitchen faucet.
6、Kitchen mixer with filter
With the development of society, the disadvantages of the separation between the clean water tap and the ordinary kitchen tap are constantly magnified, which has given birth to new functions.
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 5
7、Silicon kitchen mixer
This kitchen faucet has been around for ten years, and it has a similar function to the thin spring kitchen faucet, but it is easier to hide than the thin spring kitchen faucet. This is easier to clean!
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 6
8、Kitchen folding faucet
Kitchen faucet - Faucet Knowledge - 7
The best way to play the kitchen faucet is of course VIGA faucet, VIGA faucet is the best! . There is a high-end kitchen that is the owner’s face, which makes the visitor easy and fun!



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