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Teach you how to choose the right purchase water purifier.

Water is the source of life. The quality of water is closely related to the impact of various organisms. In particular, the quality of drinking water is more closely related to people’s health. However, with the rapid development of modern industry, the water body is chemically polluted by industrial waste water, automobile exhaust, pesticides and other organic substances, as well as the secondary pollution of the water supply pipe network. The household terminal water purifier has become the best choice for people to combat tap water pollution. .
How to choose an optional water purifier:
1. Clear demand, purchase on demand, give priority to cost-effective products

Buying a water purifier is not expensive, it is cheaper. The type of water purifier and the quality of the performance should be purchased according to the local water source. Under the same conditions, compare the price level and give priority to purchasing products with higher cost performance.
Water purifiers are divided into general water quality processors and pure water processors. For consumers, if the scale is relatively small, the hardness of the water to be treated is not high. Only the purifying and improving the taste of the water without other special requirements should be selected. Generally, if the water hardness is high, it is more suitable. A pure water water purifier to remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water and reduce the hardness of the water.
If consumers have special needs, they should carefully understand and ask whether the water purifier has the purifying ability and effect on the substances to be removed.

2. Confirm test documents, certificates and other related documents

In November 2018, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee officially issued the GB34914-2017 “Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Water Efficiency Limit Value and Water Efficiency Rating” national standard. When purchasing a drinking water treatment device, the consumer can provide relevant certification or test report by asking the merchant.

3. Confirm the instructions for use of the product

The instructions for use are information that conveys to the user how to use the product correctly and safely, and the product features, basic performance, and characteristics associated with it. Usually expressed in the form of instructions, labels, nameplates, etc. Consumers should carefully read the product instructions when purchasing a water purifier to clarify product-related information.

4. Confirm the removal effect claimed by the company

When purchasing a water purifier, the manufacturer’s claimed removal effect (such as: sediment, heavy metals, organic matter, viruses, antibiotics and pesticides) is required to obtain the corresponding test report from the seller. And to determine which specific substances have a removal effect, rather than a large category. For example, it is clear whether there is a removal effect on specific metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, rather than heavy metals.

5. Confirm the cleaning method before use

Each water purifier undergoes a series of cleanings before it begins to receive drinking water, flushing out impurities and harmful substances in the filter element, so the operation before use is very important. Consumers must understand and understand the operation method, and contact the dealer or after-sales service department if necessary. In addition, the long-term storage of water in the water purifier has a hidden danger of drinking. Therefore, if the water purifier is not used for a long time, the water stored in the water purifier should be cleaned and then purified.

6. Understand the cost of use and confirm the service capability

After the water purifier is sold, the filter element is mainly replaced. When purchasing, the replacement time and price of each filter element of the water purifier, the way to obtain the filter element and the replacement method should be fully understood. The water purifier with the water storage tank should also know the life of the water storage tank, the replacement price and the replacement method.
When purchasing a water purifier, you must choose a brand with perfect after-sales service.