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Safe Basin Faucet from Vigafaucet

Adhering to the needs of human nature and attention to detail, creating a bathroom product that truly cares for healthy living and use needs is the philosophy of Viga, and it has always been through every aspect of its work. This is a constant belief and the working attitude of every Viga people every day. In terms of material selection, process, design, etc., every detail Viga strives to be meticulous.
Water is indispensable for daily life. It is also living in the same city. Why do people use water with such high lead content? This kind of problem is usually caused by the use of inferior faucet products. In this case, the lead content in the overnight water is likely to exceed the standard, which will cause damage to the human brain nerves, especially infants and children, which may cause their bodies. , mental retardation, nervous system damage. For the lead precipitation situation, our country also has corresponding standards. The problem of lead exceeding the standard is often ignored by people. In fact, its harm sounds very infiltrating. I didn’t expect the quality of the faucet to be so important to health! The safety of the faucet in the home affects people’s health to a certain extent. When purchasing, don’t choose cheap, fake, and inferior products for the sake of greed. The big-name products often stand the test of quality. Don’t start worrying and worrying because of the lead in the faucet, because the expert Liao Ronghua (the main drafter of the national standard “Ceramic Sealing Spout”) says: For copper faucets, it is difficult to avoid lead. A certain amount of lead can make the faucet easy to shape and have a better appearance.

How to choose a safe faucet

1. Shape
It is also very important to buy a faucet as a good appearance association. In addition to choosing the appearance you like, you should also pay attention to the fact that under sufficient light, the surface should be bright as a mirror, no oxidized spots, or burnt marks. Close to the observation, it should be uniform in color, there is no problem of pores, blistering, and leakage plating; when touched by hand, it should be flat and free of sand. After pressing by hand, the fingerprint can be quickly dispersed. Products are generally less prone to scale. Shiny and smooth appearance, evenly translucent as a mirror. The surface of the Viga’s faucet looks very textured. The appearance of the faucet is simple and elegant, and the lines are smooth. The main body of the faucet is made of brass. After fine grinding, the sand holes of the surface are strictly controlled, and the chrome plating process is carried out to make the surface of the faucet experience the baptism of the years, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Residual water stains, always radiant!

2. Brass material
Today, brass is the mainstream and practical material for faucets, and it will be more durable and corrosion resistant in quality. Some merchants use zinc alloy or ABS plastic instead of reducing the cost. In contrast, both the plating surface and the corrosion resistance, the quality will be poor, and the safety performance is unstable. Brass products can guarantee the quality of electroplating, and it will not be corroded for a long time. At the time of purchase, it can be identified by methods such as weight estimation, minor surface scratches and surface plating quality. Brass is heavier and harder, zinc is lighter and softer, and plastic is the lightest and softest.

3. Cartridge
The cartridge is the heart of the faucet, and its quality often affects the safety of the product. The choice of ceramic cartridge is the best. High-quality ceramic cartridge are usually characterized by high hardness, which is not only resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and long-lasting use, and there is no need to worry about dripping. Although in its inherent impression, ceramic is fragile, when it is used as a valve core material, it has strong corrosion resistance and sealing. A good quality spool can usually be used more than 30-50 million times. Many low-end products on the market use copper, rubber and other seals. Although the price is low, the service life is short and the safety is not guaranteed.

4. Handle
The fluency of the faucet switch can usually explain whether the overall structure design of the faucet is reasonable, whether the valve core and the components are well matched. When you purchase, you can gently turn the handle to see if it is light and flexible, with or without obstruction. Check each faucet. Parts, especially the main parts, should be assembled tightly and should not feel loose.

5. Material of the hose
The hose part of the faucet is often overlooked. In addition to the faucet itself, the material of the hose also affects the water quality. The link hose of the faucet is also very important. The material and quality of the hose are different. Some are relatively tibia, and some are easy to tear and break. The hose with good quality is likely to be made of secondary material, which is easy to occur. The problem of excessive organic matter. When purchasing, you should pay more attention to the material of the hose. Products without odor are usually of good quality.