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You still don’t care for hand showers?

Now people’s living standards have improved. Bathing is no longer a matter of counting time and number of times. There are more and more people taking baths every day, so there will be a problem. Like all bathroom wares, hand showers that people use every day to bathe can also cause minor problems due to prolonged frequent use, such as small water flow, concentrated water column or water leakage. This requires us to pay attention to the maintenance of the shower every day.

Shower maintenance cycle

Such as hand-held showers, which are frequently used in daily life, it is best to achieve a cleaning and maintenance frequency once a month. In addition, you can do some convenient maintenance measures after the last person in the day, such as adjusting the position of the hose (do not twist), wipe the residual moisture with a soft dry cloth.

Shower maintenance method

  1. Prepare a small pot and pour vinegar (preferably white vinegar, otherwise easy to color) and clear water. The ratio of water to vinegar is 1:1.
  2. Separate the shower head from the hose. Be careful not to disassemble the flower sprinkler by yourself. Carefully remove the device and do not return it. Soak the removed shower head into vinegar water and soak for about half a day.
  3. Use a soft cotton rag to carefully wipe each water outlet of the shower head. If the shower head has a removable top cover, you can also remove it and wipe the inside of the shower. If not, do not force it. tear down.
  4. Reconnect the cleaned shower head with the hose installation to ensure that it is fixed. (This step is not done, and the water leaks directly at the joint between the two.)
  5. Open the water valve and let the residual vinegar water in the shower head flow out with the clean water. After a few minutes of operation, the maintenance and cleaning work of the shower is completed.Vinegar water can not only solve the scale and some impurities inside the shower, but also play the role of disinfection and sterilization.

6.in addition to the impurities and scale of the shower head outlet, after a long time of use, the surface of the shower will also have water stains, dull and dull. At this time, you can use a soft dry            rag to pick up a small amount of flour, wipe the surface of the shower back and forth, and then wash it with water. Repeatedly, the shower can be as clean as new.

Shower daily use precautions

  1. The filter inside the shower can not be replaced at will. Consider the size of the filter hole. It is best to bring the shower head to the hardware store and ask the clerk to configure the suitable filter.

2.the shower will be used in high temperature environment for a long time, it will be a serious “folding life”, so when installing the bathroom in the home, it should be as far as possible from the         shower