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6 Sets Of High Value Bathroom To Create A Strategy! The Last Refuge For Adults!

Bathroom Business School

Some time ago a very popular saying.

Adults like to stay in the car for a while after work before going home.

Because this is a tipping point.

Go upstairs and open the door, you will have to face the wood, rice, oil and salt, parents and children.

Only you are not yourself.

And in the car, alone, quietly listening to songs.

At this moment, I feel like I belong to myself.

But, have you ever found

The moment you close the door and take a shower every day

Is the most relaxed, the most valuable alone time of the day.

Good bathroom understands your attitude to life, and knows the cold and warm.

Now more and more families.

Begin to attach importance to the bathroom and do not hesitate to decorate the bathroom.

They understand the impact of the bathroom for the living experience.

I am going to share the most humane bathroom design.

Follow them quickly to decorate their homes!



– Pick the right door, even the smallest can be wet and dry –

Wet and dry separation is not the purpose, but to solve the actual needs. Homeowners do not like to step in the wet bathroom, affecting the feeling of feet and mood, but also affecting home hygiene. And they also want you to brush your teeth while I can also take a bath happily. Therefore, “wet and dry separation”, “three separations”, “four separations”, such bathroom practices are becoming increasingly popular.

Incredible! 6 square meters bathroom can also be four separate

The 60 square meters of old and dilapidated, old-fashioned husband’s room can only meet the needs of “living”, and the current trend of any living style is not related. 6 square meters of the bathroom is to make the 4 separations of the avant-garde design.

▲ Super mini toilet room with a finished size of 1150*700. this already belongs to the extreme size, and the construction is a little smaller than the design. The spray gun next to it is used for cleaning, and the dead corner is no longer a concern.

▲ The 1.1-meter wide basin area is stuffed with IKEA’s double basins.

▲ The door of the shower room is a triple-helper door. The watertight seal is better.

▲ The shower stall has a small alcove on the side.


The shower area was moved out, 2.57㎡ can still fit a bathtub

This is an old house in the city. Its area is not large but for two people who love life is enough. The renovation took a lot of thought from the couple who are designers, and the bathroom is a high value base for the home.

▲ For the wet and dry area, answer a few questions.

Is the barn door installed this side of the moisture? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things. It also has baked white and other colors, moisture cracking to change the door is also very convenient.

About the lock: there are special locks for barn doors. If there are children and old people at home, there is no need to lock it.

▲ The toilet door is facing the front door. The customer felt that the feng shui was not good, but fortunately found the heartwarming partition curtain.

▲ The bathtub was installed even under pressure, and the towel rack was fixed with silicone.



– The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all.

3-5 square meters of the bathroom plays a fresh sense.Whether it is the popular small flower tiles, or refreshing small square tiles, or fashionable hexagonal tiles, lovely homeowners are increasingly fond of making their bathrooms visually eye-catching. Whether it is the popular small flower tiles, or refreshing small square tiles, or fashionable hexagonal tiles, lovely homeowners are increasingly fond of making their bathrooms visually eye-catching.  The best thing is that once guests enter the bathroom, they can’t help but turn it into a photo mecca!

Flower tiles on the wall, the bathroom should also be eye-catching Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style decoration, comfortable and clean bedding, a few pots of greenery, and then a well-behaved cat, living a day-to-day life. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

▲ The bathroom uses plain flower wall and floor tiles, which are coordinated with the bathtub. The extension of the flower tiles matches the specially selected bathtub with the foot support of European style flower carvings. The design of the room is very good.

▲ The right side of the sink is the wet area, and the door on the left is the checkroom. It is reasonable to separate the wet and dry areas.

▲ The design of the bathroom took a lot of thought. It is not a big area to separate wet and dry, and also to put in a bathtub. The final result is great. The picture shows the dry area and the sink.

▲ The design of the room is very good. The wooden mirror frame and the cement green plant under the basin are the accents of this space.


The bathroom is a selfie mecca.

The overall style is more modern Scandinavian in the living room and a little retro in the bedroom. The other rooms are based on the shooting needs. The bathroom is also a place where he put a lot of thought into.

▲ The most simple and lazy way to partition the wet and dry part of the bathroom is the shower curtain. The most important thing is that you should choose a good-looking one.

▲ The most important thing is that you can use the same amount of money to pay for the work. The first thing I did was to use a new one.



– Other children have super user-friendly basin –

Basin is to wash a hand? Then you can stay in 1980. We are pleased to find that homeowners are increasingly concerned about small details. Some people make the basin into a hanging type, which can save more space. Some people make a double basin, no longer have to rush to wash in the morning. Some people spoil their children very much, the basin is made into a high and low type, so that they can wash together with their children so warm.

High and low pedestal basin spoils the child, full mirror magnifies the space

▲ The bathroom was made with a wet and dry partition and a high and low sink. Since childhood, I have been in the habit of brushing my own teeth and washing my face. The mirror at the end can increase the depth of space in addition to the love of makeup.

▲ The master bedroom bathroom is completely open. The sink is separated into the master bedroom entrance hallway, and the toilet and bathtub are facing the bed without reservation. The bathtub is usually occupied by the baby, and occasionally brings the little one back to share the bath.

▲ The bathroom uses stone mosaic and carbonized wood to distinguish the wet and dry areas. It is also very comfortable to step on it with bare feet in winter.


Double basin + double shower, open beach vacation mode

A seaside 400 square feet white house is located in Anaya, the hinterland of the golden coast of Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao. It has a sea auditorium and the loneliest library in the world. Here, every day is like a vacation. And as we all know, the right way to open a vacation is to have a comfortable bathroom area.

▲ The main bathroom is installed with double faucets and double mirrors, which enables two people to wash and do their makeup at the same time.

▲ The other side of the corner holds the bathtub and uses the wall for storage. It is a good place to put things for bathing.

▲ The second bathroom is prepared for multiple occupants with double basins and double showers, which can be used for three people to wash up at the same time. The bathroom was custom-made, and the steel structure was built first and then cemented. The second bathroom is prepared for multiple occupants with double sinks and double showers.

▲ The niche is used to put the toiletries just right. The first thing you need to do is to make your own bottle. The bathroom decoration directly affects the comfort level after moving in. The bathroom is the most lazy and relaxing place at home, such a stress-relieving bathroom, do you want a set?



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