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More And More People Do Not Install Sink In The Bathroom Of Their Homes. This Is A Smart Design That Will Be Popular In 2021, And It’s Really Awesome!

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About The Sink, Our Common Operation Is To Put It In The Bathroom.

But have you ever thought of moving it out?

Moving the sink out of the bathroom is actually more convenient. Every morning wash and squatting toilet will not conflict with each other, saving a lot of waiting time. At the same time the bathroom can also save more space to do wet and dry separation.



Where to put the sink after moving out of the bathroom?

I have listed a few common places where you can put the sink. If you have other additions, you can share them in the comments section.

Can be installed in the entrance

Few people may have thought about the possibility of installing a sink in the entrance hall. But in Japan it is very common, as long as space allows, they will find a way to add a sink in the entrance annex, so that it is easy to wash your hands as soon as you enter the home.

In addition, you can also use the sink as a partition to the entrance, while the top and bottom of the counter can also add storage space. Now some families in China are beginning to adopt similar designs.


Simply installed outside the bathroom

Set the sink in the bathroom doorway on the aisle. This not only easily achieve wet and dry partition, but also because the washbasin position only occupies a small part of the common part of the place. The aisle also does not feel crowded.

If you move it outside, you worry about the overall aesthetic impact of direct exposure. And if the storage is not done well, it will show the mess again.  It is a good idea to use it as a place to get the most out of the house.

▲The first thing you can do is to add a wall to block the view.

▲The first one is a wooden fence, which has a high value.


Installed between two rooms

Is it hard to imagine how to design? Simply put, it is to set the sink between 2 rooms. For example, between kitchen and bathroom, between 2 bedrooms, etc.

The advantage of doing this is that it can make full use of space and avoid the waste of repeated settings. It can also have the function of dividing the space.


Installed in the dressing table

This operation is relatively uncommon. The bedroom can not place a dressing table to store these small things, it is better to combine it with the sink. It can be installed in the bathroom, outside the bathroom, or planned between the checkroom and the bathroom for daily use.

According to our idea, this seems strange. But to stand in the habits of the owner, it seems to be a reasonable design.



A good use of the sink can be done this way

In addition to outwardly moving the sink, some of the basics that can make the sink beautiful, we also understand.

On the style of the washbasin: basin, undercounter basin

Above-counter basin value is very high, in addition to square, round, there may also be other petal shape can be selected. In general, there are more faucets with heightened.

Undercounter basin is installed under the countertop. The advantage of sticking to the countertop from the bottom up is that it is very convenient to clean the countertop. Water on the countertop is very common, undercounter basin process can easily wipe the water on the countertop into the basin.


Mirror cabinet to choose or not

Choose a mirror or choose a mirror cabinet. I personally think there is a mirror cabinet or more convenient, storage capacity can be improved a lot. The choice of mirror cabinet also has to be careful, it is good to have a part of the open storage, part of the closed storage.


Lighting design

Light is the number one need for looking in the mirror, and most people will probably just install a mirror light above the mirror. In fact, a superb way to do this is to set up lights on the left and right sides of the mirror, about a person’s width apart. Many professional vanities are set up this way.


Double pedestal sink design

Double pedestal sink design can improve the efficiency of life, such as a family of four to go to school, work and go out at the same time. And the picture of two people washing up together is also very cozy. Of course, double pedestal basin may only be suitable for the situation where the bathroom space is relatively large.

The above is about moving the sink out, just when you want to achieve wet and dry separation and obstruct the narrow bathroom space, move the sink out. This is a perfectly reasonable and feasible idea.



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