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The Bathroom Is Not Installed, 90% Encountered These 8 Big Problems

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According to statistics, the average human has to go to the bathroom 8 times a day. Therefore, the bathroom decoration is very important.

The high frequency of use and the nature of moisture can easily make the bathroom a decoration disaster area. There are so many bathroom renovation problems that you can encounter if you are not careful!


Floor waterproofing layer is too thick

The thicker the waterproof layer, the stronger the waterproof ability? In fact, the waterproof layer is too thick and easily lead to the level of cracking. This is not only a waste of materials, but also serious water leakage, and even lead to tile off. But the waterproof layer is too thin, and easy to be destroyed in the subsequent construction. So, you can “apply a thin layer at a time, in multiple coats”. 2-3 times thin brush, each time dry and then brush the next layer.



Dry area wet area is not separated

The bathroom must be designed to separate the wet and dry areas. If the area is large enough, you can consider “three separate”. Vanity, toilet area, shower area are independently separated. Separate wet and dry design can provide the efficiency of the use of the bathroom and cleaning efficiency.



The bathroom is not sloped

The bathroom must be sloped so that it can drain more smoothly. The general slope of the bathroom is about 5%. If you need a more efficient drainage function, you can ask the tiler to increase the slope appropriately.



Blindly install bathtub

Many families installed bathtubs when renovating, and found that they were used less than 10 times a year after moving in. The bathtub takes up space and is not easy to clean. Unless you really like it, there is no need to install.



Tile is not selected correctly

For the bathroom tile, try not to choose the uneven tile. Because the bathroom is more humid, the concave part is easy to mold and black. In addition, we should choose the bathroom tile seam sealer for the bathroom, which can be anti-mold, waterproof and antioxidant.



Socket is not enough

The socket in the bathroom must be sufficient. Exhaust fans, water heaters, smart toilets, etc. all need outlets. It is difficult to remedy the situation when there are fewer sockets. Plumbing needs to be re-routed, and basically can only be dismantled and reinstalled.



The floor drain is not installed properly

The floor drain should not be placed in the middle of the bathroom. Because no matter how the floor tile is tilted, the middle will not be the lowest point. This makes it easy for water to accumulate. In addition, it is recommended to choose lead drop type floor drain for fast watering, good airtightness and better cost performance.



Greedy for cheap, buy inferior toilet

The price of toilets varies greatly, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some people are greedy for cheap to buy poor quality toilets. This not only affects the experience of use, but also may be dangerous. It is recommended that the toilet or choose a trustworthy brand, quality assurance, use more at ease.



The renovation industry has always had the “gold kitchen silver bathroom” saying. Although the bathroom is inconspicuous, there is too much to pay attention to the renovation. Details determine success or failure. Before the renovation, be sure to keep this guide in mind.



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