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About the latest bathroom industry news in recent years.

China’s per capita purchase in 2018
The cost of sanitary products is about 62.8 yuan

In 2018, the cost of purchasing sanitary ware products per capita in China was about 62.8 yuan, which is only 33.8% of the US. China’s smart sanitary ware industry is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020. In recent years, the development of smart homes has been extremely rapid. In 2018, China’s smart home market reached 60.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 50.15%. As a part of smart home, smart sanitary ware is in a period of rapid development. In recent years, smart sanitary ware products represented by smart toilets, smart shower rooms, smart showers, smart bathroom mirrors, etc., are becoming more and more consumers to pursue.

2019 Kitchen Electric Year Report

According to the total data released by Avi Cloud (AVC), the sales of electric water heaters in the year of 2018 was 930 million, a year-on-year increase of 34%, and the offline sales amounted to 2.06 billion yuan, down 7.8% year-on-year. The sales volume of gas water heaters was 570 million, down 10% year-on-year, and the offline sales amounted to 1.89 billion, down 16% year-on-year. Online hood sales were 610 million, down 8.8% year-on-year, offline sales were 1.83 billion, down 16.8% year-on-year, online dishwasher sales were 140 million, up 7.8% year-on-year, down 220 million yuan year-on-year. Growth of 2.5%.

Home appliance subsidies “700 billion market has come
Smart toilet energy subsidy up to 20%

On February 1, Beijing officially implemented a new round of three-year energy conservation and emission reduction promotion policy. When consumers purchase home energy efficiency labels as “first-level energy efficiency” and “second-level energy efficiency” commodities, they will receive a certain amount of financial subsidies. Among them, the toilets and showers with the first-grade and second-level water-efficiency labels will subsidize consumers by 20% according to the sales price of the goods. According to the “Proposal”, Liu Yunan, inspector of the General Development and Reform Commission of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that financial incentives should be used to promote high-efficiency and energy-saving smart products. If the policy is promoted nationwide, it is expected to increase 150 million energy-efficient projects between 2019 and 2021. The sales of smart home appliances have driven about 700 billion yuan in consumption. The era of “home appliance subsidy 2.0” is coming soon. The product structure has also changed from necessities to improvements. Smart toilets, smart toilet seats, water-saving showers, water-saving faucets, smart locks, sweeping robots, dishwashers, smart wear and other products have also entered the subsidy list.

Wuhu 6 sanitary wares became defendants

According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, the plaintiff of the case was Guangdong Weimei Ceramics Co., Ltd. As one of the earliest brand-name enterprises in the domestic ceramics industry, in 2003, the company obtained the exclusive right to trademark “Marco Polo” No. 1063306 and “Marco Polo and Map” No. 1069174. In 2007, the above two “Marco Polo” registered trademarks were recognized as “China Well-known Trademarks” by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The brand has also been selected for CCTV’s “National Brand Program” for two consecutive years.

Data interpretation

Orders over 10 billion companies increased to 5
Decoration and decoration industry show Matthew effect

Recently, listed decoration and decoration companies have successively disclosed data on performance in 2018. In addition to Kelida, Jianghe Group and China Construction, 16 decoration companies have disclosed orders in 2018 and 4Q. Among them, Jinyu, Guangtian Group, Yaxia, Baoying, and Quanzhu have five annual orders of over 10 billion. Overall, in 2018, the total number of unsigned and unsigned in the whole industry reached 144.137 billion yuan. The order volume of 11 companies increased from the previous year, 5 companies decreased year-on-year, and the annual order volume exceeded 10 billion. The number of three in the year increased to five. From the perspective of the quarterly dimension, the amount of newly signed contracts in the decoration industry has increased year-on-year, and the cumulative growth rate of new orders has reached the highest in the second quarter. Affected by real estate regulation, the growth rate of orders in the third quarter generally declined. The fourth quarter continued its influence. As of the fourth quarter, the cumulative growth rate of the whole industry fell to 20.23%.

Sichuan Guangyuan: Total investment in construction
22 billion yuan of Guangyuan Green Home Industrial City

On February 19th, Zou Zijing, deputy secretary of the Guangyuan Municipal Party Committee and mayor, went to Zhaohua District and Wangcang County to investigate the construction of the green home industrial city in western China (Guangyuan), and demanded to accelerate the construction progress of the green home industrial city in western China (Guangyuan). Western China (Guangyuan) Green Home Industrial City is a major project linked by Zou Zijing. It is located in Wangcang County and Zhaohua District. It has a total investment of 22 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​12,000 mu. It will be integrated into production, trading and logistics. Home Industry City. At present, the construction of the freight avenue and the leveling project are being accelerated, and the construction of standardized workshops is about to start.

Zhongbo Quanwei Custom Development Conference:
Pushing China Bo to a new height within two years

On February 17, the Zhongbo Quanwei Custom Development Strategy Conference was held in the conference room on the third floor of the China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Base. Chairman Jiang Weiwen analyzed the development prospects of the industry and the company from the domestic and international forms, and proposed that the Zhongbo Quanwei custom will firmly build the sanitary ware brand of the whole category of bathroom custom products. During the year, the company will have multiple platforms in the network, TV media, high-speed rail station and other platforms. Together, we will focus on developing the South China market in East China, taking into account other domestic markets, and pushing the customization of Zhongbo Quanwei to a new height within two years. Gao Yang, the general manager, made a plan for the future of the East China Marketing Center. The goal is “Wanbu Qianchengbaidian”, which will make Zhongbo Quanwei custom-made into a domestic first-line sanitary ware brand in six provinces and one city in East China. Let the concept of bathroom customization go into thousands of households.
Jiu Mu’s 2019 start-up meeting was successfully held

On February 20th, “Joining the Heart and Winning the Future” Jiumu’s 2019 meeting was held in Jiumu Industrial Park. Lin Xiaofa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lin Sinan, Vice Chairman of the Board, Lin Youxe, Executive President, Liu Qiqiao, Vice President of Operations, and core executives of the Group, representatives of various centers, divisions and subsidiaries attended the meeting. At the end of the conference, Lin Xiaofa led a group of senior executives and representatives of sensitive positions to take the “Nine Animal Husbandry Anti-corruption Oath”. One thing, one goal, we must unify our thinking, unify our values, and unify our code of conduct, and work hard for the long-term ingenuity of Jiu Mu as an international leading brand of bathroom.

Prefan “to the heart, to the future”
Welcome party is a perfect ending

On the evening of February 20th, Prefan’s 2019 New Year’s Eve party was held in Shunde, Foshan, China. All the staff, leading guests, some suppliers and media friends of Puruifan were held in Shunde, Foshan. A total of about 500 people attended the party together. At the meeting, dance, singing, poetry reading and other programs were wonderful.

First boarded the US KBIS kitchen and bathroom show stage

From February 19th to 21st, VIGA made its debut on the stage of the KBIS kitchen and bathroom exhibition in the United States, and brought a variety of new products to the stunning appearance, attracting the attention and praise of a large number of foreign merchants! In the 10th year of entering VIGA, VIGA has been adhering to the vision of “creating the first brand of Quanwei custom”, combining the needs of users at home and abroad, constantly innovating and breaking through in product R&D and design style, continuously enhancing the influence of the brand. . On the stage of the American exhibition, VIGA has taken another step toward the leading brand of the Chinese sanitary ware industry.

KBIS|DTC Dongtai Hardware is strong in the US exhibition

Focus — Participate in the KBIS exhibition for many years. Because of the focus, it is professional. DTC has participated in the KBIS exhibition for many years in the United States. During the three-day period, DTC presented our kitchen and bathroom hardware solutions to professionals in the United States and around the world. At the same time, our company has brought in a series of innovative products such as “One Pull” adjustable speed damping hinge, “Shun Cube” luxury drawer system, “Smart Drive” intelligent upturn system, “Shifting Star” new generation intelligent door system.



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