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How to purchase high quality water saving bathroom shower head?

Water saving bathroom shower heads purchase precautions

  • Look at the nozzle, pay attention to whether the shower head is easy to clean: the plugging of the shower head is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. The shower head will inevitably have scale deposits. If it cannot be cleaned, some nozzles may be It will be blocked. In order to avoid blockage of the water outlet due to poor water quality, the well-designed top spray shower head is often prominent, easy to clean, or the nozzle is made of silicone material. When cleaning, use a rag or hand to remove the deposit on the nozzle. Scale. Some shower head also have the function of automatically removing scale, so you can ask more when you buy the shower.
  • When selecting, let the top spray shower head tilt out of the water: If the water is obviously small or not, the internal design of the top shower head is very general.
  • Top spray shower accessories directly affect the comfort of their use: also pay special attention. For example, whether the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, whether the shower hose and the steel wire have the resistance to bending, whether the anti-twisting ball bearing is provided at the shower connection, whether the rotating controller is installed on the lifting rod or the like.
  • Look at the coating and the valve core: In general, the brighter and more delicate the top spray shower surface, the better the coating process. A good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness. It is smooth and wear-resistant, so as to prevent the leakage of dripping. Consumers must try to twist the switch and try it. If the hand feel is bad, it is better not to buy this kind of shower.
  • Health and safety are of course the primary factors: Due to the special use of sanitary products, even the water quality of drinking and showering, so the developed countries have strict standards for the health and safety certification of sanitary products, such as China’s standard GB/T23447-2009, North America. CSA and OSHA certification, etc.
  • Comfort – Sensory indicators are important: the amount of water and water in the shower water has a great impact on the comfort of the shower. The National Code for Design of Building Water Supply and Drainage GBJ15-88 stipulates that the water pressure standard before showering is 00.25kg/cm2~0.4 kg/cm2, and the standard flow rate is 9 liters/min. Try to choose a shower with a high water pressure.

Shower head installation steps

  1. Wrap the two elbow joints around the raw material belt and tighten them with the adjustable wrench on the water outlet joints in the two mounting holes on the wall. After tightening, ensure that the center distance between the two elbow joints is 150mm.
  2. Put two decorative covers on the elbow joint;
  3. Insert the mounting washer into the elbow joint and screw the mounting nut onto the two elbow joints to secure the faucet to the wall.
  4. Drill three holes with a diameter of 6 mm and a depth of 35 mm at a position “H” from the tap water outlet joint;
  5. Insert the expansion tube into the mounting hole and fix the wall bracket to the wall with self-tapping screws. Note: The wall seat must be on the same center line as the tap water outlet.
  6. Wrap the faucet with a cloth before drilling to avoid fading and bumping of the faucet.
  7. The height “H” needs to be determined according to the actual product at the time of actual installation.
  8. Insert the seal into the lower end of the switching valve.
  9. Tighten the lower end of the switching valve and the upper end of the faucet by threads.
  10. Wrap the faucet with a cloth before drilling to avoid soiling and bumping of the faucet. Note: Be careful not to damage the plating surface when tightening with a wrench.
  11. Screw one end of the shower rod to one end of the switching valve by screwing (the end of the column shower rod must have a sealing ring).
  12. Then, the decorative cover is sleeved into the other end of the shower rod, and then the end is inserted into the wall seat, and the three ends are respectively locked by the three screws, and finally the decorative cover is pushed to the wall surface;
  13. After installation, turn on the water inlet switch and rinse the pipe thoroughly.
  14. Connect the nut end of the shower hose to the connector on the back of the switching valve body. Connect the nut to the end of the hand shower and insert it into the shower seat. (Note: The shower hose must have a washer at the end.)
  15. Screw the top spray onto the shower rod.

Shower head installation 7 major precautions

  1. Mixing valve height from the ground
    The reserved inner wire elbow of the shower is prepared for the next step of loading the mixing valve. Its height is generally between 90-110cm, which can be determined according to the requirements of the owner or the average height of the couple. Out of 110cm, otherwise it will not be able to install the lifting rod shower, not less than 90cm, it is not good to open the valve every time.
  2. Spacing between two inner wires
    Experienced plumbers know that the standard spacing for the inner elbow of the shower is 15cm in concealed, the error is no more than 5mm, and the surface is 10cm. Remember to measure the centering. If it is too wide or too narrow, it will not be installed. Do not rely on adjusting the wire. The adjustment range of the wire adjustment is very limited.
  3. After the wall tiles are attached, keep a flat surface with the wall
    The silk head is reserved. It is necessary to consider the thickness of the wall tile. It is better to make it 15mm higher than the wall of the blank. If it is level with the wall of the blank, you will find that the wire is too deep in the wall. It’s not good to put on the shower, but I don’t dare to get too much out of the wall. It’s too high in the future. The decorative cover can’t cover the silk and adjust the screws.
  4. Pay attention to different styles of showers
    Nowadays, the quality of people’s lives is constantly improving, and the styles of showers that come into being are also varied. The installation methods are not the same. There are mounted, concealed, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, as hydropower workers. Constantly learn and master the new product installation methods on the market.
  5. Choosing a location is important
    The shower is a bathing device. When people are taking a bath, they are not wearing clothes. Therefore, when choosing a shower, you should pay attention to its privacy. Generally, do not choose to be at the door or window. In addition, if there is a whole bath room, fully Communicate with the owner to see the size of the overall bath room. Look at the location where the shower mixing valve stays. Don’t wait for the decoration. After the bath room is bought back, the location is not suitable for the wall.
  6. Left hot right cold can’t be wrong
    The inner elbow outlet of the shower should be mastered. The left hot right cold can’t be wrong. This is not only the national norm and the habits of the majority of the owners. What is more important is that the manufacturers’ products are also produced according to the left hot right cold regulation. If you make a mistake, it may cause some devices to not work, or damage the device. This should be noted when the pipeline is laid.
  7. Fixing the inner wire elbow
    The fixing of the inner wire elbow is very important. If it is not fixed, the size cannot be positioned. It is very likely that the mixing valve will not be installed after the decoration.