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Basin mixer

The hot summer is coming, and the frequency of washing and washing in the bathroom is getting higher and higher. From daily cleansing to washing clothes, daily necessities, etc., the basins and faucets at home have become pressured. Every time I use the basin faucet in the bathroom, I feel more and more that the cleaning process is a little wrong, and the faucet fixed on the basin is difficult to clean to the position I want to clean.

If you want to wash and clean less expensive, you may need some more ergonomic products to bless! Today,I would like to recommend several artifacts in the basin faucet to help you solve the problem of washing and cleaning during the cleaning process. It is easy to clean and wash.

The tree-shaped shape design, soft and simple lines, frees up a lot of space for cleaning from the height, and only needs to let the faucet face the water when gargle, thus eliminating the troublesome action of licking the tooth cup. The intimate 360° rotating spout can automatically adjust the optimum water output for each angle according to the angle of rotation. There is no need to worry about the spattering of water splash during the rotation of the nozzle.

You can pull it at your fingertips, and the 360° rotating faucet can’t be intimate. Like the lamp-like appearance, the tap nozzle part uses the gravity hammer design principle. After the T-shaped water outlet is pulled out, the water nozzle can be accurately homing, and the 360° nozzle can be supported in both the pulled state and the homing state. Rotate. The unique feature of this faucet is that there is a button on the top of the spout that can switch the water mode. The normal effluent and shower effluent modes can be switched by the button.

The sleek figure, like the horn-shaped spout design, also has a black switch-out mode button under the “horn”, which does not affect the appearance of the appearance. Careful observation of the water nozzle, you will find that the outlet of this faucet not only has aerator , but also a shower-type silicone water nozzle, the water effect is also very soft. The universal nozzle design can be rotated 360°. The POLYMER polymer hose is used in the drawing hose part. It is not only soft and easy to pull, but also has safe and reliable performance.

The honest and honest shape, the water mode switch button that is electroplated like the faucet body makes the faucet look very integrated. Compared to other pull-out faucets, this faucet is unique in that it connects the water nozzle and the water pipe at the switch. It can be rotated 90° to the left like a kitchen faucet. When using a large container to hold water, only the water rod is needed. Rotate a little to the left, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck between the faucet and the basin because the container is large!

The simple one-piece water nozzle design, if you only see the appearance, you may not notice that this is a pull-out faucet. The spout not only supports 360° rotation, but also supports 700mm length drawing. It can be used smoothly, no matter whether it is washing hair, washing clothes, etc., there is no need to worry about cleaning corners. The drawing tube is made of 304 stainless steel drawing hose similar to the shower, which makes the faucet overall more fashionable. Not only functional considerations, but also in terms of price, it is also particularly close to the people.

From the design inspiration of white crane , the elegant and beautiful faucet handle is very smart. In addition to the unique design, this faucet spout also supports 360° rotation, free to pull and rotate, easy to control, easy to use, no need to grieve yourself, whether it is washing or cleaning, the sanitary corners that are difficult to clean on weekdays are also natural Nowhere to run. The well-designed silicone honeycomb outlet filters the effluent through layers to make the faucet water softer and quieter, while saving water and preventing splashing.

The weather is getting hotter and the scrubbing brush is getting more and more frequent. The traditional basin mixer always feels like a bunch of hands, and it takes a long time to use it. Nowadays, more and more humanized faucet products are designed on the market. If you can lose one, you don’t have to endure the anti-human washbasin experience!