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Viga thermostatic shower set make you more enjoyable taking shower in winter.

The most fearful thing about bathing in the cold winter is that the water temperature is hot and cold. It is very enjoyable to wash a comfortable hot bath, so if you want to have a constant temperature when bathing in the cold winter, then  installing a thermostatic shower set.

The difference between a thermostatic shower set and a normal shower column set

  1. Energy saving
    For these two products, I believe that everyone has seen them in daily life, but the difference between the two is not very clear. From the perspective of thermostatic effect, when the water pressure and water temperature of the water supply change, the thermostatic faucet will In a very short time (1 second), the mixing ratio of cold water and hot water is automatically adjusted to stabilize the outlet water temperature at a preset temperature, so the use of the thermostatic shower set is very energy-saving and water-saving.
  2. Security protection
    In use, many users often inadvertently turn the handle to the left or right, which causes an unsafe factor to a certain extent, and the thermostatic faucet has a unique design in this respect, which is set on the adjustment hand wheel. There are security buttons to avoid the possibility of unsafe factors.
  3. Anti-fouling coating
    It is well known that when the water quality is poor, the proportion of calcium ions contained is large, which makes the interior extremely easy to scale, resulting in a long time, the handle is difficult to pull, the water output is small, and the like, and the thermostatic faucet adopts a thermostatic valve imported from France. The core and the valve core are made of special materials, and there is no scale on the surface of our valve core. Even long-term use will not affect the performance of the product.

The maintenance tips of thermostatic shower set

  • When installing the thermostatic shower set, be sure to ask experienced professionals to install it. When installing, avoid showers and hard objects; do not leave cement and glue on the surface to avoid damaging the surface gloss. Be sure to install the debris in the pipe before installation.
  • When the water pressure is not lower than 0.02mPa, after using for a period of time, it may be found that the water output is reduced or even the water heater is turned off. At this time, the screen cover can be lightly placed on the water outlet of the shower. Lightly unscrew and remove impurities inside.
  • When switching the shower faucet and adjusting the shower water outlet mode, avoid excessive force and turn it gently.
  • The metal hose of the shower head must be kept in a natural stretch. Do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. At the same time, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the faucet to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.

The FAQ of thermostatic shower set

  1. Q: Does the installation have special requirements?
    A: The thermostatic shower set can’t be connected to the wrong hot and cold water direction. Generally, it must be the standard connection method of the left hot right cold. Otherwise, the constant temperature function will be lost. You can ask the merchant before purchasing.
  2. Q: I have a constant temperature gas water heater. Is it necessary to buy a thermostatic shower set?
    A: This depends on personal preference. Is it necessary to buy first class on the plane? Everyone’s answer is estimated to be different. If there is water pressure fluctuation during the bathing process with a constant temperature water heater, there will be cases of cold and hot. For example, when the shower gel is turned off, there will be a piece of cold water after opening, and similar situations can be solved with a constant temperature shower.
    If the thermostatic shower set is used together with the constant temperature gas water heater, it is recommended to set the outlet temperature of the constant temperature water heater to about 60 degrees, and the temperature of the thermostatic shower set to be set to about 38 degrees, so that the best effect can be achieved.
  3. Q: Does the thermostatic shower set have high requirements for water quality?
    A: The requirements are not high, but some of the water is very hard. The boiling water pot will be scaled in a few days. This water quality is not suitable for thermostatic shower set, and the heat sensitive original is easy to desensitize.
  4. Q: Can you use a thermostatic shower set when using a solar water heater?
    A: Not necessarily, mainly the water pressure of some solar water heaters is relatively small, resulting in a relatively large pressure difference between hot and cold water, which will cause the thermostatic shower set to stop working.

Installation precautions

  • Constant temperature showers are required for water heaters. So before installing, make sure that the water heater in your home matches the constant temperature shower.
    If your home’s constant temperature shower is installed with a solar water heater, the water pressure of the solar water heater is small, causing a large pressure difference between the hot and cold water, and the constant temperature shower may stop working. Moreover, the maximum temperature of the solar water heater will exceed 80°, and the thermal element of the constant temperature shower is prone to desensitization for a long time, resulting in shortened life.
    If the home’s constant temperature shower is installed with the gas water heater. So does your gas water heater have a constant temperature function? Is it necessary to double thermostat? If the constant temperature shower is used together with the constant temperature gas water heater, it is recommended to set the outlet temperature of the constant temperature water heater to about 60 degrees, and the temperature of the constant temperature shower to 38 degrees.
  • If the water quality in the home is relatively hard, such as the boiling water pot is not scaled in a few days, this water quality is not suitable for installing a constant temperature shower. Or you can buy a constant temperature shower with descaling function.
  • The constant temperature shower must not be connected to the wrong direction of hot and cold water, generally the standard connection of the left hot right cold, if it is wrong, it will lose the constant temperature function.
  • Check the layout of the wall pipe, whether the direction of the installed circuit and the water pipe is clear.
  • Check whether the installed pipe is installed. If it is installed, it will affect the use of the constant temperature shower.