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An Ultimate Guide On How To Identify Faucet Manufacturer

Faucet is a fixture for drawing and regulating the flow of a liquid from a pipe. In many houses, you will not lack taps either being the kitchen, bathroom, shower, and bathtub faucets and having these faucets mean that there will be a point that you need to replace them. Imagine a scenario where one of the faucets breaks and you don’t have money to buy a new one. You will need to find a replacement.

You are shopping for faucets, and then you take any facet that you find, and you are not sure of its brand. Do you see how much it will cost you to find a specific brand that matches yours? The additional cost is what you are supposed to avoid, and it brings the need to identify the manufacturer of your faucet.

There are many ways to identify the manufacturer, and these are:

  1.  Find the Logo

This can be done in two ways to ensure accuracy and make sure that you find it.

  •  Cleaning the faucet handles and check for a logo

The logo or brand name may be covered with dirt, and it brings the need to spray the faucet with a multipurpose cleaner. After spraying, wipe the soap off with a cloth or rag and then observe if the valve or handle has any logo. The logo may either be in specific words or shapes that represent a particular manufacturer.

  •  Look at all the faucet’s parts under a flashlight.

According to the manufacturer, some names may be small and inconspicuous and hard for you to find them quickly. In this circumstance, use a flashlight and get close to it. Make sure to look at the handles and curves of the faucet so as not to miss a specific symbol or representation of a brand.

  1.  Find a Model Number

If no logo is available, there is a model number somewhere on your facet that you need to identify. You can also apply the technique of finding a logo where you clean the faucets handles and check for a model number. If you don’t see it, using a flashlight is the best option. Most of the model numbers are small numbers, and for a closer view, use it and check all parts available. If you find a model number, enter it on a search engine online, and it takes you to the Manufacturer’s website.

  1.  Count the Splines on The Broach and Measure the Stem

First, identify the broach, which is the top part of the stem that fits into the bottom of the handle. Splines are the grooves in the broach. This can be a faster way since different manufacturers use different numbers of splines. To count the splines, you need to pop off the cap and unscrew the faucet handle. That means removing the faucet handle for counting. This must be done carefully and follow these steps:

  •  Turn off the water supply. Turning off depends on the faucet that you are working on. For sinks, you can cut off the valves under the sink. Showers will be handled differently where you locate the main water valve in the house and cut it off.
  •  Use a screwdriver to remove the handle. You can use the screwdriver set or Allen wrenches depending on the type of handle.
  •  Once you unscrew or remove the screw, pull the stem, and handle out. Remember to pick the stem gently, and sometimes the handle comes out with the stem.

For easy identification of your starting point, mark one end with a marker or other visible pen. Count the splines from the marked point until you reach the point again.

You can also do the other way by measuring the stem. The length of the stem will help you to identify the brand and the manufacturer quickly. Some universal spline and broach combinations would be such as 8-point broach is the Briggs while the 16- point 0.40″ broach is the Sterling brand. You can search for the specific measurements online, and you will know the brand.

  1.  Distinguishing Features

For faucets, specific brands have features that you can search online, and they will give you the brand. You can also take a step in asking your friends, and they will help you out. These features may be such as:

  •  A D shaped broach is a clear indication of a Delta faucet.
  •  An American Standard faucet can be spotted by having a 22-point broach.
  •  By using a measuring tape to measure your broach, you may discover that the broach is 0.39 inches. The 0.99 cm will be an indication that it is a Fisher faucet.
  •  The stem may have bulges, and this is a T&S faucet where the lumps stick on the stem.

These are the features that will no doubt enable you to know the manufacturer of the faucet.

  1.  Use A Broach Gauge

Using a broach gauge is the most preferred way to identify the manufacturer, and it is highly recommended. A broach gauge enables you to determine the brand and manufacturer of the faucet more efficiently and faster. To find a match, you insert the faucet handle into the broach gauge. You can also add the faucet stem into the female ends of the broach gauge and find a match.

A key comes with the broach gauge, and using it, you easily identify the brand you are dealing with. The broach gauge has 18 cylindrical tubes with the male and female ends. The cylinders have pattern indication numbers that are associated with them. Some examples include:

  •  Broach gauges with ID number 1-4 fit some American Standard faucet stems and handles.
  •  ID No. 1-7 fits stems and handles for Kohler faucets.

These are the various ways or methods to identify the manufacturer of your faucet. An additional tip is to make sure that you carry the stem with you. You will be able to check whether it fits together correctly and saving the time for you going back to the store again. Always make sure you know your brand and specific manufacturer to have an easy time replacing the broken part if you are calling a plumber for assistance.