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An Ultimate Guide On How To Pick A Good Faucet

Faucet is one of the important items in every family, it affects our lives. We cannot do without the faucet for daily drinking, washing, cooking, etc. The easy-to-use faucet can even accompany you for 5-10 years. Therefore, for the new house decoration, you must choose the faucet carefully. Let me tell you how to choose a faucet.

1. Choose material
The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a faucet is the material of the product. Because tap water comes out through the main body of the faucet, its material determines the quality of our daily water.
The mainstream materials on the market are brass and stainless steel. Especially faucets containing copper (or all copper), which have antibacterial characteristics, are becoming more and more popular in the market.
In addition, the faucet also has plastic, cast iron, and zinc alloy materials, but because plastics are easy to age, cast iron is easy to rust, and zinc alloys are poor in stability, these three types are not recommended.
2. Select function
In order to meet the various needs of people, the functions of the leading heads are becoming more and more humanized. In the production of faucets, there are ordinary basin faucets, as well as faucets with other functions, such as pull-out faucets (for washing hair and cleaning), 360° rotating faucets (for rinsing and washing face), and sensor faucets (for easy operation), etc. .

Pull faucet
360° rotating faucet
Induction faucet
3. Look at the surface.
Faucets are often placed in damp places such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc. If they are exposed to the outside for a long time, the surface is easy to oxidize. If the faucet is still bright and clean after long-term use, the surface of the faucet needs to be treated. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the surface treatment of the faucet when purchasing. Copper faucets are generally treated with electroplating, and stainless steel faucets are generally treated with wire drawing.

When purchasing, in a well-lit place, pay attention to whether the surface has burrs, pores, impurities, and is smooth to the touch. In addition, you can also blow a breath on the surface of the faucet. If the water vapor diffuses quickly, it means that the surface treatment is better.
4. Test the spool.
The valve core is known as the heart of the faucet and determines the quality of the faucet. Qualified spools need to be tested according to the national faucet standards, just like Dilang Sanitary Ware’s faucet 500,000 times without dripping. Nowadays, most of the faucet spools are ceramic spools. Ceramic valve core has the advantages of wear resistance, good sealing and heat resistance.
When you buy a faucet, you can gently turn the handle of the faucet. You should feel that there is no gap between the faucet and the handle and whether it can be opened and closed easily.
5. See the water.
The size of the water flow of the faucet is also very important, and the foaming condition of the water flow is determined by the bubbler. Everyone is buying and testing the water on the spot. If the water flow is soft and the bubbles are sufficient, the faucet with good quality can be clearly seen by washing the back of the hand.

6. Look at the packaging
Faucets of good brands usually have good packaging. The package contains the product, product manual, product maintenance card, etc.

In general, pay attention to the six points of material, function, surface treatment, valve core, bubbler, and product packaging.