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Bathroom Hardware Purchase Skill Guide

In the process of home improvement, some things can be saved, but some things must not be downgraded. Such as hardware in home decoration

Although hardware is small, its importance is no less than that of the joints of the human body. It is a key factor in determining the service life of household products. From kitchen and bathroom to cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows, hardware is indispensable, so choosing the wrong hardware can definitely ruin your house.


The sink is the most frequently used hardware in the kitchen. From washing to cooking to cleaning up the mess after a meal, you have to deal with the sink.

Therefore, a practical, wear-resistant, brush-resistant, easy-to-clean and beautiful sink is necessary.

When choosing a sink, choose the size of the sink according to the width of the cabinet countertop (the countertop width minus 10-15cm). For example, the width of the sink of the cabinet countertop of 50-60cm should be 43-48cm.

Under normal circumstances, it is more practical to clean a sink with a large volume, and the depth is better to be 20cm, which can prevent water from splashing. (Tell you a little secret. The depth can reflect the grade of the sink. Generally, double-tank sinks with a depth greater than 18cm are high-end products.)

The material is preferably SUS304DDQ stainless steel plate. As for the thickness, the thicker the better, nor the thinner the better. Too thin will affect the service life and strength of the sink, and too thick will easily damage the tableware being washed, preferably 0.08-0.1cm.

As far as double groove is concerned, welding quality is the most critical factor affecting its life. So when you buy, you should choose the one with no false welding and precision welding. Specifically, it can be observed whether the weld is smooth and even without rust spots.

For aesthetics, matte surface treatment is better. In addition, it is recommended that everyone choose good anti-clogging performance, if there is a sinking solid waste storage basket at the sink mouth~

Faucets are currently available in three categories: plastic pvc, copper, and 304 stainless steel.

The process of all-plastic pvc is simple, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. It is not suitable for long-term use at home, Pass!

The copper faucet has its own sterilization function and is rich in style. However, the shortcoming is also obvious, that is, lead-containing impurities, which can be avoided by using lead-free copper technology.

Therefore, most high-end faucets are made of copper. Because of the high technical requirements for lead-free copper, when buying copper faucets, you still don’t want to buy miscellaneous goods of unknown origin.

The biggest advantage of 304 stainless steel is that it does not contain lead. Its price is also more affordable than copper, and its shape is mostly simple. To be economical, it is recommended to choose this material.

In addition, the kitchen faucet is recommended to choose a product with a long water pipe and a high water outlet, and a faucet with dual control of cold and heat, flexible switch and easy to clean is better.

Floor drain
There are three types of floor drains on the market: stainless steel, PVC and copper.

Stainless steel has a beautiful appearance, high cost, and thin coating, so rust is unavoidable; the copper chrome-plated floor drain has a thick coating, even if the copper rust grows over time, it is easier to clean; the PVC floor drain is cheap, and the deodorant effect is good, but the material Too crisp.

It is recommended that you choose a floor drain with a copper chrome-plated anti-odor core, which not only prevents odor, but also prevents mosquitoes from entering the sewer.

Bathroom racks

The bathroom is humid, and the shelf can be made of pure copper or 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust. Space aluminum is very cheap, but the surface coating is very fragile. As long as the coating is broken a little bit, large areas of corrosion will occur.

Yao Xiaowei said that the shower is one of the most worthy investment items at home.

After a busy day out, I went home to take a comfortable hot bath and was full of energy. Thousands of dollars in exchange for this comfort, it’s not too much value.

When choosing a shower, one must see whether the tube body and the electroplating layer on the surface are smooth and smooth. Bright and smooth means that the quality is better.

Second, it depends on whether the water jet is uniform, and most of the jet methods can bring a more ideal shower experience. It is best to choose a shower with a certain proportion of air mixed in the shower stream to experience comfort and water saving.

Finally, don’t ignore the valve core of the shower head. It is best to choose a ceramic valve core with high hardness, which is smoother and wear-resistant.

Now most of the locks use handle locks, mainly made of alloy, pure copper and 304 stainless steel. They are durable and not easy to rust. They are generally purchased with door stoppers.

It is not recommended to buy bearing locks, because the bearing seats of many bearing locks are made of iron and the technology is not good enough.

Hinge is the most basic hardware in the cabinet. It can provide cushioning function for the opening and closing of the cabinet and door leaf, reducing noise and friction. It is also the most tested hardware.

There are generally two hinge materials, cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. For dry environments such as wardrobes and TV cabinets, cold-rolled steel can be selected, and stainless steel with damping should be selected as much as possible for bathrooms, balconies, and kitchens.

The hinge is made of pure copper or 304 stainless steel, with a thickness greater than 2mm, so that it is not easy to rust and is durable. In addition, there must be 56 steel balls inside to open and close to be silent.

Recommend 3 kinds of hinges:

Buffer hinges that make the door leaf close slowly; quick-fit hinges that are easy to install and hard to loose later; large-angle hinges with large opening surfaces of cabinet door hinges, such as 165-degree Hettich large-angle hinges.

Again, don’t be greedy for cheap hinges. Try to choose the most expensive one within your tolerance. It is best to buy imported hardware, such as Austrian Blum and German Hettich.

In terms of materials, copper and stainless steel handles are better, alloys and electroplating are the next best, and plastic ones should not be bought. In addition, do not buy glue, which is not strong. It is better to choose screw-fixed handles.

Drawer slide
Drawer slide rail Judging from the current technology, the bottom slide rail is better than the side slide rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection.
The material of the pulley determines the comfort of the sliding drawer. There are currently three main types: steel balls, wear-resistant nylon and plastic pulleys. Wear-resistant nylon slides silently, which is the best.

When shopping, you can push and pull the drawer with your fingers to see if there is noise or astringency. What is not is good quality.

In terms of load-bearing, pull out the drawer when purchasing, and press hard on it with your hands to see if it will loosen, flip, or squeak. Generally, the above phenomenon will not appear if the load is good.

For drawer pulley brands, it is also recommended to buy imported German Häfele or Hettich.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the hardware also includes pull baskets, pressure supports, and shelf supports.

Having said so much, I just want everyone to know that no matter what kind of hardware, when purchasing, don’t downgrade consumption to save money, otherwise you will regret it!