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Is it necessary to replace all the angle valves in a newly renovated house?

Now I buy toilets, sinks, and bathroom cabinets with their own brand angle valves. Toilets, sinks, gas water heaters, and bathroom cabinets all come with them.

Is it necessary to replace all of these? Which brand of angle valve has a better reputation? I’m afraid that the newly bought ones are not as good as those that come with these brands, so that would be embarrassing. Thank you everyone.

1. What is the function of the angle valve? The angle valve is necessary for house decoration. Although it is a small main material, it has a great effect. Angle valves are also called triangle valves, horoscope valves, water stop valves, etc. They are installed at the water outlet of the waterway to connect hoses and pipes, and are used in toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc. The angle valve can be transferred to the water outlet and the water flow can also be adjusted. When the toilet needs to replace the faucet, there is no need to close the main water valve, just close the angle valve, which is equivalent to a small switch in the waterway.

2. Is there a difference between hot and cold angle valves? Most of the hot and cold angle valves are only different in color at the position of the handle. In order to facilitate the distinction, the quality and structure are the same. Generally speaking, they can be used universally. It does not matter if they are installed backwards. 3. How to choose angle valve? There are also various angle valves on the market, ranging from a dozen yuan or even hundreds of dollars. If you are greedy for cheap or buy fakes, you will be too late to cry when you need to replace them. It is best to choose pure copper and more expensive. Among them, the zinc alloy angle valve is the worst. Basically, it will leak after a short time. As long as it is replaced, it must be disconnected from the thread, and then you wait to cry. For pure copper angle valves, you should also pay attention to choosing a regular manufacturer. The production process is different, and the quality is also different.

The spool is the heart of the angle valve. It is invisible and can only be felt by the hand. The easy-to-use ceramic valve core has a heavy hand feel. Compared with the one that is too light, the quality is lower, and it will leak after a long time. 4. How many angle valves are needed at home? The corner valves needed for house decoration are probably these places: 1 single cold toilet inlet, 1 cold and 1 hot water on the washbasin, 1 cold and 1 hot water on the water heater, and 1 cold and 1 hot water on the kitchen sink. This is a total of 7 Angle valve, 4 cold and 3 hot, if there are two toilets, just increase according to the above items. Gas water heaters also require one cold and one hot angle valve. If the balcony laundry tub needs hot and cold water, it also needs 1 cold and 1 hot.

In short, two angle valves are required where hot and cold water is used. Washing machines, mop pools, and showers are not needed. I need a few angle valves at home. According to Lao Shen, I can just pinch my fingers. After the hydropower transformation is completed, you can prepare to purchase the angle valve, which will be used in the later installation of the water heater. 5. What should be paid attention to when installing angle valve? The installation of the angle valve is relatively simple. When supervising the work, remind the workers to clean the water outlet. When placing tiles in the early stage, it is inevitable that there will be cement and other slag to prevent these from entering and damaging the valve core. Wrap the raw material tape thicker, wrap it a few more times, and tighten it to prevent leakage. After the angle valve is installed, open the main water valve and carefully check the connection position of the angle valve and the water pipe to see if there is any leakage of water. It is inevitable that there are workers who are not skilled at home, and the water leakage is not good. Before, Lao Shen encountered a family where the angle valve was not installed in place, and water leaked. Water leaked into the bedroom along the wall, causing the wallpaper to become moldy.