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If You Don’t Want To Make Some Odd Mistakes, These 12 Points Of Bathroom Knowledge Are Best To Remember.

Bathroom Business School

When it comes to bathroom decoration, many people think of the layout design, wet and dry separation, waterproofing and so on.

In fact, these are mainly designers. They will give you professional advice. These, in turn, there are some concepts and choices in the judgment. Personally, I think we should pay attention to these bathroom knowledge before renovation.

1, for the reserved power outlets, you need to know in mind.

Total points: 5

Integrated bath switch: 1

Entrance. This can directly control the air heating, exhaust and lighting.

Switch: 1

It should be 1.2 m above the floor. It can be installed to the left or right of the sink so that the mirror front light can be controlled.

Five-hole socket with splash-proof cover: 1

Its height is 1.2 meters from the ground. It can be installed on the left or right side of the sink to charge hair dryers, electric toothbrushes and razors.

Five-hole socket with splash-proof cover: 1 pc

Installed at the rear of the toilet side, so that it can be reserved for the smart toilet cover.

Five-hole socket with anti-splash cover: 1 pc

Its height is 1.8m from the ground. This is for electric water heater.


Need to know the size of the toilet in advance to avoid the toilet blocking the reserved socket.

2, the best choice of half open half closed mirror cabinet

The choice of the mirror cabinet also has to be careful. It is best that it has a part of open storage, part of closed storage. The open compartment is suitable for placing commonly used items, such as tooth cups and toothbrushes, face wash, and other commonly used bottles and jars. If there is a mirror cabinet, you can usually keep the countertop clean.

If it is customized, the mirror cabinet can also be left with an outlet inside so that the electric toothbrush and razor can be changed later. This can also be charged directly in the cabinet, thus making the countertop more clean.

3, matching dressing mirror and light to be reasonable

Because some owners buy dressing mirrors and lights separately, this may cause the mirror reflection too harsh phenomenon. In fact, I think the installation of small spotlights or lights below the mirror will feel a little better.

If You Don't Want To Make Some Odd Mistakes, These 12 Points Of Bathroom Knowledge Are Best To Remember. - Blog - 1

4, the floor drain can be moderate

For the choice of floor drain, the ordinary odor-proof floor drain can be. You do not need to choose too multi-functional and enhanced details of the floor drain. Some floor drains function well, but will affect the drainage speed.

5, the tiles should be tiled with a slope

Floor tile paving needs to find the slope. The slope of the tiles under the large space is about 10%, while the slope of the tiles under the small space is about 25%. The smaller the area, the greater the slope of the floor tiles.

6、Reserve hooks

It is recommended to try to design several hooks in the bathroom, so that you can use to hang clean replacement clothes.

7、Electric towel rack

For the owners of the southern humid environment, it is recommended to use an electric towel rack or heater to replace the towel rack. This can play the role of the shower bar, but also drying towels and underwear. It is very effective in the yellow plum rainy season as well as the winter rainy weather.

If You Don't Want To Make Some Odd Mistakes, These 12 Points Of Bathroom Knowledge Are Best To Remember. - Blog - 2

8, to buy high-quality faucets, showers, hardware products

For faucets, showers, and hardware, I recommend trying to buy quality assurance of the big brands. Although their prices are a little higher than the street price of small stores, more comfortable and more durable.

9, washbasin faucet selection can be the extended type

If conditions permit, try to choose this can be pulled out of the sink faucet, because it is convenient to wash your hair directly in the sink. After all, in cold weather, you do not need to take a bath every day, but often need to wash your hair.

10, for the washbasin material, ceramic is better

For washbasin, try to choose ceramic. If it is glass, they are more trouble to clean. Of course, if you do not count, stainless steel cabinets and washbasins are also very easy to clean.

11, shower, bathtub and shower curtain

If the place is sufficient, try to choose the shower, especially if your washing machine also put the bathroom. If there is no shower room, the bathtub is also practical. But if you really like, you can also put a bathtub, especially if you have a double bathroom. Finally, if the space is too small, then it is better to use the shower curtain to separate.

12, to choose a waterproof bathroom door

For the bathroom door, I recommend the best use of metal, aluminum and glass. If you really want to use wooden doors, then choose a waterproof bathroom door.

I hope you must pay attention. After all, the bathroom is also quite important. If the decoration is good, I am willing to spend more time in the toilet.



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