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Bathroom Tiling 5 Problems, Do Not Be Wrong To Regret!

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Bathroom occupies an area of not much, but the role is very large. In general, 5 to 8 square meters of the bathroom has been the ideal area, but this small space needs to spend the effort, which is not simple. The use of space, lighting, sewerage, tiling. All of these are delicate, today we will start with the 5 problems about the bathroom tiling.



What kind of tiles should I choose for my bathroom?

In the past, the kitchen and bathroom space tile category selection is generally less, and the look are more casual-looking. They are based on solid color, high water absorption rate of porcelain tile, small floor tile. With the process and the pursuit of consumers continue to improve, kitchen and bathroom tile requirements are gradually improved. But in general, kitchen and bathroom tiles are mainly considered from the following four aspects.

① From the function, kitchen and bathroom tiles must choose non-slip and moisture resistance performance.

This is because the bathroom often have to touch the water. If the tile anti-slip performance is not up to par, it is easy to produce safety hazards. Secondly, the bathroom, despite the use of ventilation system, but the fog moisture is still relatively heavy, so moisture is still very heavy. Merchants generally recommend the use of matte surface or have a surface bump effect tiles, can play a good anti-slip effect.

② From the economic cost, you can consider choosing the traditional kitchen and bathroom tiles with high water absorption rate.

Kitchen and bathroom tiles generally have a higher water absorption rate than general floor tiles so that they can be better bonded to cement. At the same time, high water absorption also means that it is a relatively simple process and relatively inexpensive (which also explains why manufacturers are reluctant to put more effort into the appearance of kitchen tiles). Of course, if the economic conditions allow, you can also use the beautiful-looking, low water absorption rate of the floor tile, after all, now the level of paving has also improved.

③ From the specifications, bathroom floor tile specifications are not too large.

Generally to 300 × 300 (mm) or 330 × 330 (mm) (luxury homes are counted separately). If the use of large specifications, the need for secondary cutting waste not to mention the trouble, the overall effect is not coordinated.

④ From the use of space, you can achieve a good division through different tile materials and color varieties.

For example, the wet and dry area division.



What problems need to pay attention to paving tiles?

Once the work of paving tiles is difficult to change, if the work is not done beforehand and lead to pry tiles re-paving, not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also inevitably increase the cost of decoration. So, paving brick must pay attention to the following points.

① Row of brick program to do a good job.

In addition to better calculation of the number of tiles to avoid waste, but also to find some of the possible problems when laying tiles, timely correction. For example, try not to appear tiles less than a third of the narrow column, really need to process the cut, to the remaining two-thirds is appropriate.

② Ensure that the tiles are of high quality and the walls need to be kept clean.

In order to avoid tiles will appear to fall off, hollow drums and other situations occur. Before paving, in addition to the quality of tiles pass, check the wall before paving tiles. Clean up the wall, if you find cracks need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

③ Do a good job of waterproofing before paving.

To do waterproofing layer in the bathroom, is a construction project must be carried out. Do not do waterproofing, not only easy to their own bathroom outside walls, floors, wooden doors and other items to cause damage, but also, will affect the space downstairs or next door. Here to extend a point, some homeowners think that the bathroom walls painted waterproof coating after the tiles will not stick firmly. In fact, this idea is not right. If you brush the waterproof coating directly after tiling, in the late really easy to cause tile off. But paving before doing a good job of brushing the wall, after increasing the surface area of the wall, can effectively increase the contact area of the tiles and walls, thus effectively increasing the strength of the combination of tiles and walls.

④ Leave seams, or leave seams.

Due to thermal expansion and contraction, tiles will produce a series of physical changes. Paving tiles without leaving seams will lead to hollow drums, warped corners, and even fall off. And the bathroom belongs to the space susceptible to heat and moisture, so more need to leave a seam. Gap is recommended not less than 1mm, to 1.5-2mm, antique tile gap can be properly widened.

In addition, tile paving to check, if you find the problem of bulging to repair in time. The hooking work needs to wait for the tiles to dry completely before proceeding. This generally needs to be carried out after 24 hours is appropriate.



Tile first or install the toilet first?

Generally, tile is tiled first, and then toilet is installed. However, the location of the toilet should still be left in advance and the distance should be determined, and then tile is laid. Tiling first has 3 benefits.

① Facilitate the maintenance of the toilet later.

If you first paste the toilet after tiling, the toilet later replacement, you need to pry the brick. This not only may damage the waterproof layer, and time-consuming and laborious, need to re-brick.

② Prevent water leakage.

If the toilet is installed first, the later tiling part is more difficult to operate. Close to the toilet at the tile is not easy to pave, easy to cause leakage due to improper paving phenomenon occurs. If once the water leaks, it is a tricky problem.

③ Prevent the toilet from being damaged.

The toilet is actually very fragile. If you install the toilet first, and then tile, accidentally scratched, or drop some cement mortar into, resulting in toilet clogging, it is not worth the loss.



Bathroom first paving wall tiles or floor tiles?

From a technical point of view, the first paving wall tiles or floor tiles are possible.

The key is to consider two aspects of tiling: one is conducive to the construction of the first project to do a good job of protection. Two whether it is conducive to a reasonable installation construction schedule. If you consider the latter, renovation companies generally first pave wall tiles, then pave floor tiles, pave the wall tiles after paving the floor tiles. Because there will be no impact on the wall tiles, and no delay in the construction schedule.



How to decorate the bathroom to be practical and good-looking?

In addition to practical, the value of the bathroom is also very important. To improve the face of the bathroom, you can start from the tile category, parquet, back wall, etc., to create a simple good-looking and practical bathroom. When choosing the decoration style, it should be consistent with the overall style of the house.

Mediterranean style 

Interior wall tile

Minimalist style 

Bread tile + flower tile

Simple European style 

Marble tile

Decorating style of course not only these three. In addition to the style of choosing the right tile category, you can also use accessories to decorate and enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Toilet backdrop 

Shower area backdrop 


Wave line + diamond paving



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