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Bathroom Tiling Has A Doorway, Learn To Save Tens Of Thousands

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Because of the special environment of humidity and high temperature in the bathroom, so in the decoration and daily maintenance will need to pay extra attention. Today introduces ten bathroom tiling small details to help each homeowner achieve a fresh and clean bathroom space.


| Choose quality tile paving bathroom |

Because of the heavy moisture in the bathroom, so choose non-slip, moisture, dirt and wear resistance, and low water absorption of tiles.


| Tile paving before making a tiling plan |

Paving before making a row of tile program, try not to appear less than one-third of the narrow column.

If you have to process cutting, tiles after cutting to leave more than two-thirds is appropriate.


| Do a good job of cleaning tiles and walls before paving |

In order to avoid the phenomenon of tile bulging and falling off, to clean up the wall as well as the brick surface.

Before tiling must be checked on the wall, if the wall has cracks must be dealt with first.


| Tiling tiles to leave expansion joints |

Tile in the heat and moisture will expand, extrusion may occur, resulting in the occurrence of bulging off, so in the bathroom must be tile to leave a gap.


| The bathroom tiles should be waterproofed before tiling |

After leveling and drying before you can do waterproofing construction, construction period to pay attention to fire, waterproof.

Before doing waterproofing, the elevation of the bathroom should be reviewed correctly, especially the need to pay attention to the correct location of the floor drain elevation.


| Bathroom should be tiled first before installing the toilet |

The benefits of installing the toilet after: on the one hand, can prevent leakage due to the toilet, affecting the tiling construction.

On the other hand, can avoid the damage caused to the toilet when tiling.


| The hooking should be done after the tiles are completely dry and solid |

To tile paving 24 hours after the hooking, to avoid the tile is not completely dry, resulting in loose or off.


| Pay attention to the bathroom tile wall perforation strength |

It is best to spray water in the same hole for cooling treatment to prevent the tiles from blowing up due to the local short time and drastic temperature change.


| Stain removal cream + water repellent = anti-mold penetration |

First use multi-functional stain removal cream to remove the dirt in the tile c evices, and then brush a waterproofing agent to achieve the role of anti-seepage and anti-mildew.


| Bathroom tile daily cleaning should be timely |

Oxalic acid solution or vitamin C can remove rust stains and dirt on tiles.

Gently brushing with hydrochloric acid can remove soap stains.

Editor’s message:

The bathroom is a very high frequency of use of home life area, the distribution of water and electricity is dense, so tiling and care more need to be meticulous. Details can not be neglected. Only strictly do the groundwork in advance, the perfect bathroom environment will become possible.



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