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Bathtub VS shower room

In the process of home renovation, there are many tangled moments that need to choose one or even multiple choices. This period of bathtub and shower room have begun to tear in their minds: the shower room can be separated from wet and dry! Small footprint! Bathtub is more comfortable! More secure! Choose patients with advanced disease of difficulty may wish to look at the following points before tangling it!
For many urban people, bathing in a bathtub is a beauty and relaxation experience. At the proper temperature, every drop of water can jump on the skin as much as possible, and gradually penetrate the whole body through the pores, so that the cells of the whole body can breathe freely, thereby achieving relaxation of the whole body. So from the perspective of comfort, the bathtub is better and more suitable for people who like to enjoy.
However, if you are a capable business white-collar worker and need to race against time in a fast-paced life with time equal to efficiency, then a quick and convenient shower room may be more suitable for you. Such as showering in the morning, can eliminate the fatigue caused by long sleep, make people full of energy throughout the day, easily cope with busy work. Especially for those who stay up late, showering can drive away the sleeping insects, and the spirit is greatly boosted, and it is not prone to work errors. In addition, the shower is more sanitary, and the dirty water is not hoarded, which is conducive to the total elimination of cell waste.
Although the bathtub is comfortable, it is troublesome to clean. In order to ensure the health of the bath, the bathtub must be thoroughly cleaned before and after bathing, which makes it very tired every time you take a bath. However, the shower room is easier to clean than the bathtub. After bathing, it is only necessary to clean the floor. The shower room can also realize the wet and dry separation of the toilet, which greatly reduces the possibility of falling due to humidity.
The simple shower room and bathtub are safer, and the use of the bathtub is more assured. In addition, if the shower room uses an unqualified glass screen, there is the possibility of bursting and potential safety hazards. Therefore, if you want to buy a shower room, it is best to choose the explosion-proof film tempered glass material.
The shower room is more convenient to use, boiled water can directly bathe, but the bathtub needs a long time to put water. The winter is cold in the north. The larger the bathtub area, the greater the heat dissipation, and the hot water stored in the water heater may not be enough to hold a cylinder. The water consumption of the bathtub is much larger than that of a simple shower room. The water consumption is large. In terms of price, the bathtub The price is also much higher than the simple shower room, and the bathtub has higher requirements on the bathroom area, water pressure, power and installation.
Different families have different bathing methods. It is best to use a shower for small areas of the bathroom. If the area of ​​the bathroom is less than 5 square meters and the space is not very large, then it is best not to choose a bathtub. The shower room occupies a small area, only half of the area of ​​the bathtub, and the saved area can be used for washing machines. If your home has a separate, large enough bath space. It is recommended that such families can choose a bathtub.

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