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How to select bathtub?

The bathtub is never a necessary option for the bathroom, but the choice is a real headache, material selection cast iron? Acrylic? Artificial stone? The type of bathtub, choose independent? Built-in? The faucet choose column type? Wall outlet? The type on the tank?
Of course, before considering these, please determine whether you need a bathtub, here do not discuss the need for the existence of the bathtub and personal preference, if you do not need a bathtub, this part can be skipped.
Bathtub material.
Now on the market the mainstream material of the bathtub are acrylic, cast iron, artificial stone, of course, in addition to the wooden tub and so on, here will not be discussed.
Acrylic bathtub is definitely the mainstream of the market now, its main feature is good insulation, high cost, size and shape to choose more, adaptability.
The disadvantage is that the surface is easy to yellow over time, before the two bathrooms at home are installed bathtub, an acrylic, a cast iron, acrylic bathtub with very little, but 4,5 years after the surface or yellow, cast iron with more than ten years still as new. Of course, and the usual maintenance also has a certain relationship.

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Cast iron bathtub is a model of sturdiness and durability, the main body is cast iron, the surface is ceramic. The most important feature is the durability, ceramic surface does not change color, do not crack, and very easy to clean, every time after bathing wet cloth wipe a wipe on it. The disadvantage is that the price is high, less modeling and general volume is large. But if there are conditions for installation, I personally recommend cast iron bathtub, after all, durability is very important.

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Artificial stone bathtub is also a very popular material in recent years, the domestic artificial stone bathtub has actually developed more mature, its main materials are aluminum powder, resin, fiber, etc.. The main features are beautiful appearance, good heat preservation, no cracking and no deformation. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy and the price is high. In addition, artificial stone bathtub has a very fine surface touch, more recommended matte texture, look and feel very advanced. Many hotels and B&B’s independent bathtub will choose artificial stone material, really good-looking.

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Placement of bathtubs.
The size and layout of the bathroom will also limit the choice of bathtub, the harsh truth is that the bathtub you fancy, your home bathroom may not be able to fit.
So according to the actual situation of the bathroom, combined with their favorite material and shape to choose the bathtub is the right way.
Independent placement.
Bathroom if spacious enough, large enough, independent bathtub is of course the first choice, the bath and bath separate, good-looking independent bathtub will definitely add a lot of points to the bathroom. Independent bathtub material preference cast iron and artificial stone, the key is more durable and better look.
I chose a cast iron cat foot bathtub similar to the picture below, planning the placement of the bathtub at the same time, also remember to plan the location of the faucet, if put along the wall like the picture below, you can consider the wall outlet faucet.
If there is a distance from the wall, you can choose the tank type (faucet installed on the edge of the bathtub) or floor type faucet.



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