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In the current home decoration, more and more people are aware of the importance of the faucet, especially in the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom, which have extremely high requirements for the faucet. The faucet needs to be in one step, at least for 10 years, and it still looks good enough. Before buying a tap, first understand the following ten keywords.
10 common sense about taps, you need to know
1. Copper body: As far as the faucet is concerned, copper has already become the preferred material for the sake of the brilliance, mainly because the antibacterial effect of copper medium has long been tested and approved by authoritative laboratories. Most of the high-end sanitary ware brands use copper as the main body of the faucet, and the elimination of other materials has become an inevitable trend.
2, electroplating: the quality of the plating surface is the most intuitive performance of the quality of the faucet. The surface plating is mainly made of nickel and chromium, which makes it smooth and bright. Good quality faucets will undergo heavy tests, such as salt spray test, water test, gas test, etc., to ensure the durability of the faucet. After high-precision electroplating, the durability is basic, and more importantly, the surface gloss is good and feels comfortable. Some high-end faucet surfaces have other different treatment techniques, such as stainless steel surfaces and satin.
3. Filter: In areas where water quality is not superior, the installation of the filter can reduce and filter impurities while preventing damage to the ceramic valve core caused by impurities. There are two installation locations for the filter: at the water inlet and at the water outlet.
4, The angle of rotation: can be rotated 180 degrees to make the work easier, and can rotate 360 ​​degrees only for a sink placed in the center of the house.
5, Can be extended shower head: increase the effective radius, increase the possibility of more functions, the sink and container can be filled faster. In order not to make an unpleasant sound, try to avoid using metal pipes.
6. Length of water pipe: Experience has shown that a 50 cm long pipe is sufficient, and a pipe of 70 cm or more can be purchased on the market.
7. Anti-calcification system: Calcium is deposited in the shower head and the automatic cleaning system. The same happens in the faucet, where silicon will collect. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the device from being calcified internally.
8. Anti-back flow system: This system prevents dirty water from being sucked into the clean water pipe and is composed of a layer of material. Equipment equipped with an anti-back flow system will be marked with a DVGM pass on the surface of the package.
9. Material: Stainless steel is hygienic and environmentally friendly. The chrome-plated device is easy to care for and harmless to humans, but requires additional elements during the manufacturing process. So we must pay attention to what materials are used, not all countries have such high standards in Germany.
10. Durability: The anti-calcification system protects the equipment from water leakage and damage to the handle.
Pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing:
1. Confirm that the main column basin, the above counter basin and the below counter basin are all a few holes, and do not have to worry about the hole spacing, all of which are uniform sizes;
2. Confirm with the dealer whether the installation of the brand faucet is a ceramic cartridge. After the appearance of the phase, pay attention to the surface finish, touch the burr, see if there are any blisters, cracks, oxidized spots, etc.; then move the faucet handle up and down, left and right, if flexible, not loose, You can buy it without a heavy touch;
3, After the bargaining, the faucet of two or three hundred yuan should be extra cautious, because its ceramic valve core may be made in China, this kind of faucet generally after 2-3 months of use, the handle will appear loose or even dripping. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a good one to avoid trouble in the future;
4, To confirm whether there is a matching water (another part separated from the faucet), good faucets are generally equipped with a matching free water. There is also a protective net that blocks sand and water in the water. It is also used to protect the ceramic valve core of the faucet from being damaged by sand and stone, extending its mission life.

kitchen sink faucets

kitchen sink faucets